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Yeah, sorry, I messed up. Apparently the NES version of Astro Boy had an entry which I hadn't realised was there before I created and started working on this page, which uses the game's Japanese name (and the Japanese name for Astro Boy himself) Tetsuwan Atom. This is because the game was never localized outside of Japan and wouldn't have been called "Astro Boy" by the majority of people who have played it. But that's splitting hairs, since I know more people reading the site will be more familiar with "Astro Boy" anyway.

My suggestion is to keep the original (it has several page contributors and an attached forum thread) and simply rename the page to Tetsuwan Atom, while deleting the duplicate. Or just keep the original page as is. I've migrated anything important from the duplicate to the original, so nothing's lost.

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The SNES page is called Tetsuwan Atom, so it makes sense to keep that naming convention. Just delete the page with less info and rename as needed.

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@Mento: Done.