Idea - Games as a service availability on game wiki pages

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Idea is - I'd like to be able to see which game subscription platform a game is available on, i.e. EA Access/PS Now/Gamepass. I waste a bunch of time digging through each of these services when trying to decide if a game is something I should buy these days, and GB could probably consolidate these services on a games wiki page to provide a similar value to a '' site. I almost never visit the wiki these days, but would if this were here.

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@north6:Oh I was thinking something different (like which online games are active or shutdown. i.e. is Final Fantasy Xi still online? Yes it is. Is Hawken? no it's not)

but this is a good idea too I think. Not sure what the wiki should call that. It's not really a platform per say. I'm guessing a concept page and then people would have to maintain these?

EDIT: Looks like that's how these pages exist and are handled already, though they look pretty incomplete

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That is a good start, but I think that link is only one way, as in I can't see from game page, i still need to drill down through the individual services. I'm thinking on the "Game Details" section, another "Game Subscription" section, along with which ones its currently in.