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It's probably been mentioned before, but I feel that company pages like Squaresoft and Atari should have a Defunct date in their General Information boxes. When the defunct date was filled in, the page description would change to say " Squaresoft was a company that made video games".       
I think this would make it a lot easier to differentiate between currently active companies and those that aren't operating. It would also mean it would be possible to list defunct companies seperately from active ones.
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Agreed....but people are going to argue that defunct companies shouldn't have pages.
It would also be nice if the "date founded" had a fuzzy date....seeing as how you can't find the exact date a company was founded for almost all companies.

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Well I would certainly defend the ability for defunct companies to have pages. They are an integral part of video game history, even if they're no longer operating or have merged into other organisations. I would be the first to jump to the defence of Sierra Entertainment for example.