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i was gonna make an edit to the Dead or Alive 5 page, but i figured i'd check in with you guys first to see if this is alright. i didn't see anything about this on the Wiki FAQ, but how does one go about leaks on the wiki?

here's my situation. an off-screen image of an unannounced character was released on Shoryuken named Mila. she's a new character to the series, but her name has been leaked before because it was included in a full roster leak from people who did some digging inside of the alpha demo. the image shows the character in a match, with her name above the life bar and the character model. Team Ninja themselves have yet to acknowledge her existence.

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should this character get added to the Wiki, including her own page, this image added to the DOA5 gallery and her own section in the DOA5 wiki?

<insert Miracles joke here>

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I don't have the official answer for you but I'd say wait until Team Ninja themselves announces her to make a page for her. I hope that happens soon because I want to see her fight.

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Wait until an official announcement? If it's real, there will be an eventual announcement.

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@ImmortalSaiyan: @LordAndrew: good enough for me. i just hope that they announce her soon :<

thanks chaps

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UGF this game looks good

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@AjayRaz: Was wondering if you saw all those leaks. I posted them a few weeks back. I really wanna try out Alpha-152. I hope getting all of the titles isn't a huge deal.

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@AjayRaz: Images and a video (which was taken down) leaked today!

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If it ends up becoming confirmed, you can explain the leak in the article but until its confirmed/proven false I would keep it out of the wiki.