Make it so that when you die, you don't respawn and have to start from the first level

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please fix this

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Get on it Giant Bomb.

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Jeff Gerstmann can you please fix this asap.

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Honestly I'm amazed this bug made it into the shipping product, seems like a pretty major oversight.

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no ez mode pls

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I have passed the first level countless times but always die before reaching the second level boss, then die and start from the first level. Help

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please fix this

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All of these damn roguelikes keep shipping with this bug for some reason.

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ATTN: Carbon Neutral Games CEO and Rapsman Jeff "Jefe" Gerstmann:

As the guy what makes literally all of the video games, your quality control is left wanting, Mr. Gerstmann. I have found that your roguelike/roguelite "Enter The Gungeon" is defective in the same way that every roguelike you've singlehandedly created since actual Rogue, in that I have to start from the beginning after I die, save for certain progress milestones that carry over. This is very reminiscent of those MMOs you make in which all of the characters hop around and try to sell gold to me constantly, or those fightermen games where the opponent never moves despite me CLEARLY setting it to "two players".

I'm a reasonable man, Mr. Gerstmann, but I must formally request either fixes to these egregious oversights or your resignation as Top Game Maker Guy (may I suggest Dr. Tracksuit for the position?).


John Q. Videogamer

P.S.: In your shooterman game "DOOM", I am instructed to "rip and tear until it is done". I finished the game, but I still have the option to rip and tear? Please send financial compensation for my ordeal. Thank you.

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This gave me quite the chuckle. Thanks Giant Bomb!

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