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Posted by Zirilius (1700 posts) 2 years, 4 months ago

Poll: Favorite Battle Music (87 votes)

Final Fantasy 3%
Final Fantasy II 0%
Final Fantasy III 0%
Final Fantasy IV 10%
Final Fantasy V 6%
Final Fantasy VI 17%
Final Fantasy VII 9%
Final Fantasy VIII 16%
Final Fantasy IX 8%
Final Fantasy X 10%
Final Fantasy XI 0%
Final Fantasy XII 0%
Final Fantasy XIII 9%
Final Fantasy XIV 6%
Final Fantasy XV 6%

I'm in the middle of my play through of Final Fantasy XV and as you drive around you can you can play soundtracks from the other Final Fantasy games. Listening to a lot of them brought up the question of which Final Fantasy had the best battle theme music. I mean the full OST is debatable as I'd argue pretty damn hard for Final Fantasy VI. However VI doesn't have my favorite battle theme. My mind when I think of Final Fantasy Battle Theme always goes straight to Final Fantasy IV.

I included the MMO's as well so take your pick. If this is a duplicate poll from somewhere else I'm sorry.

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The newer ones I think have more than one but I really like Desperate Struggle from FF13. 7 and 8 definitely have good ones. 13-2 Dash and LR Criimson Blitz is good also. But it's FF, at least most everyone can agree about the music being good. :D

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#2 Posted by Tesla (2296 posts) -

My favorite battle themes:

1. FF 15

2. FF 13

3. FF 8

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"Battle theme" is sort of a vague category (especially since most of the games have more than one) but if we're opening it up to anything that plays during a battle, naturally the two MMOs are going to be pretty hard to beat since there's such a wide variety. My vote went to XIV for that reason. A couple nominations (spoilers sorta?): one, two, three, four.

If we're comparing only "normal vanilla-ass battle themes" and leaving out even boss themes, uh, I guess FF7 would get my pick.

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Always been partial to laguna's battle music from 8

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#5 Posted by Nightcrawlah (119 posts) -

The Extreme is the best FF battle theme of all time.

But if you're talking normal battle music I'd also pick FF8.

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@cloudymusic said:

"Battle theme" is sort of a vague category (especially since most of the games have more than one) but if we're opening it up to anything that plays during a battle, naturally the two MMOs are going to be pretty hard to beat since there's such a wide variety. My vote went to XIV for that reason. A couple nominations (spoilers sorta?): one, two, three, four.

If we're comparing only "normal vanilla-ass battle themes" and leaving out even boss themes, uh, I guess FF7 would get my pick.

To me it's anything in the OST that is called Battle I/II/etc or Battle Theme. It is vague though and if you want to include boss fights then by all means. I would exclude boss fights as they typically have their own such as Dancing Mad or One-Winged Angel because if we included Boss Fights XIV would be up there.

I will say the battle music for XV is really freaking good but I can without much thought always start humming IV's. All others I'd be hard pressed to remember. 8's would be a close a second.

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I think this would be a close list of everything I'd consider as the "main" battle themes (minus the inclusion of XIII-2)

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I really dislike 8 in general, but the battle music is top notch. Other than that I have more sentimental value placed in 6,7 and 10. 7 probably being the one that edges out.

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#8 Posted by BabyChooChoo (7092 posts) -

I forgot how much I liked IV's, but then I listened to IV and remembered. So, IV is my top pick.

Top 3:

  1. IV
  2. VII
  3. XI
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#9 Posted by Superkenon (1703 posts) -

VI all the way. It checks all the boxes. Its intro sounds good while being very quick and concise, so it doesn't start grating on you as you continue to hear it a million times. The main part of the song gives off a vibe that can either be interpreted as vile danger or heroic badassery -- meaning it feels appropriate whether you're cleaning house or struggling against a hard foe. To that point, after about 35 seconds, it takes a more intense turn. Easy fights are over long before this, which means this section of the song is reserved for something that's actually giving you trouble. And it does its job there well, before bringing it back to the main verse with a few optimistic strings -- "keep on frighting!!"

Also the synth is good, and holds up to this day.

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#10 Posted by SamanthaK (225 posts) -

FFVIII has good battle music and it's also my favorite FF game

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#11 Posted by zorban_zorban (53 posts) -

Absolutely loved number IV. And I've played the GBA version.

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#12 Posted by dekkadekkadekka (902 posts) -

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.

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#15 Posted by dr_monocle (391 posts) -

I am a die-hard VI fan, and it's music is undeniably amazing, but I love XIII's theme despite not really liking the actual game that much.

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#16 Posted by TheWildCard (694 posts) -

If we are talking regular battle theme: VII. If we are including all battle themes as a whole: VIII.

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#17 Posted by ichthy (1368 posts) -

I gotta go with VI, just because the battle theme and boss theme are both pretty good.

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#18 Posted by Spoonman671 (5874 posts) -

This counts.

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#19 Posted by championfetus (317 posts) -

What the hell. XIV battle theme rips.

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#20 Posted by Hunter5024 (6706 posts) -

8 has the best soundtrack in the series but I think their battle theme is a little weaker. I'd probably say 9.

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#21 Posted by deactivated-5c4a6d7d37a3f (654 posts) -

Gotta go with final fantasy 8's battle music. It's the only one that stuck with me over the years. I can safely say with (two exceptions) that i have completely forgotten the soundtrack/music to every final fantasy game except Eights because I loved it so much.

*The two exceptions wereClash on the big bridge (FF5) and One winged Angel (FF7)

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#22 Posted by Haruko (567 posts) -

Absolutely ecstatic to see FF8 getting love here though not seeing the better battle music posted is a bit of a bummer

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My new fav is from FFXV. The one I liked the most before that is from IX.

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This, always and forever. No other song evokes desperate struggle the way this one does for me. That and it just rocks. Used the DS version because I think it's a great remaster. That being said, I'm really happy to see all the love VIII is getting. The Man with the Machine Gun is absolutely one of the best songs ever.

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P.S. I know it's technically a boss theme, but I just love it too much. I still vote IV even if we are talking random battle songs. Just let me have this.

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#25 Posted by sikdude (113 posts) -

Gotta go with IV. VII is a distant 2nd.

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#26 Posted by hermes (2611 posts) -

Do boss battles count? Then, probably this one from X:

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Otherwise, VI and VIII are my favorites

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I was SO disappointed when FF14 only had ONE freaking song when you buy its soundtrack in FF15, what the hell?! They don't include any of boss themes, none of the dungeons themes, or anything. FF14 has an incredible soundtrack! Seriously, the soundtrack was probably a reason I stuck with it as long as I did. All of the primal boss themes are great, but my favorites are probably:

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This is just a kickass theme. Really gets you pumped up to kick her ass.

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Honestly this one I like just because I have a great memory associated to it. During the fight our other healer got knocked off along with a few of our DPS, so I had to solo heal the entire fight, and I actually managed to freaking do it. It went down to the freaking wire several times though, and I ran out of mana so often. Great times.

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Who DOESN'T love this song with its nigh incomprehensible lyrics? This is my absolute favorite boss in the game, seriously, extreme Titan is SO damn fun to fight. Even if you cheese it and fight him at a higher level, he's still tough because you NEED to know his mechanics or else you're screwed. You can get knocked off of his arena so easily, and it's just a lot of fun to make sure you're not getting knocked off while at the same time keeping the whole group alive.

Anyway, yeah, FF14 is severely underrated here when it comes to its great freaking soundtrack. Every single primal in the game has its own song, as does every last boss of each dungeon. There are just too many good ones to list.

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#28 Posted by roninenix (214 posts) -

If we're involving boss battle themes, then this one from ffxv is fucking great.

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I listened to all of them and surprisingly 8 is the one i love the most. Interesting to hear the callback to the theme of 4,5,6 in 9. I never really paid attention to the subtle changes in battle theme between 4,5,6 and 9. . IV is 2nd choice.

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#30 Posted by Y2Ken (2951 posts) -

I really wanted to vote for X, because a lot of my friends seem against it for some reason and I love it. But I think XIII has to take it. There aren't many bad ones though; I love listening to them all in compilations and noticing how they evolve over time between certain games.

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#31 Posted by Onemanarmyy (4398 posts) -

@y2ken: totally. Normally when i play those older games i feel like i'm listening to the same song , but hearing the variations on the same themes is really interesting.

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Limiting to the default battle themes (and not special ones like bosses) then... Nostalgia-wise, X, but I'll ignore that because I think VIII probably does that style better. Nevertheless, XIII eclipses both since 'Blinded by the Light' is a song that's so good in it's own right, I often play it generally and even my Mum enjoys hearing it when I'm back home (double points for giving me something to listen to with my Mum).

-Edit- All these comments make me want to go back and finally finish FFVIII so I can listen to the music without feeling guilty about it.

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#33 Posted by Zirilius (1700 posts) -

If I had to include boss themes from 14 my favorite goes to Sophia's Theme. Titan brings me nightmares of struggling to get my relic in the early days of 2.0 when server lag was real and plumes were nearly unavoidable.

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#35 Posted by Ryuku_Ryosake (445 posts) -

I have a deep love of ska. So the horns in the FFX main battle theme will always be number one to me. Sadly the HD remaster version butchered it. Also Seymour's Battle theme is the best final boss theme in the long line of FF final boss themes despite not actually being one of them but it totally is listen to it.

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If you reject that the first actual final boss them from FFIII is then the best one. Both of them lack the long tedious build up of the others and just get to the point.

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