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I couldn't find a topic on this, so sorry if it already exists (feels like it must). I'd love to be able to dive into the Giantbomb database from my iPad or phone to edit/read about shit. What's the scoop on this? Are and the rest of the guys interested in something like this? Or maybe the site redesign will make this idea irrelevant? Currently the site isn't super super mobile friendly.

Syncing a user database isn't the simplest thing in the world but it's not that hard either.

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They had an iOS app back in the day, but because of how Apple handles updates and restrictions and so on, it was near impossible to keep at a level that was satisfying to them. So now they have their mobile site which you gain access to via your subscription. Other than that, it's all in the browser.

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Oh, I didn't realize things were different for subscribers through mobile. That's... interesting. Curious about what those iOS limitations were, and I wonder if the duders are familiar with FileMaker. I only bring all this up as I've been working for a database developer last 8 months and I figure it would be A) reasonably inexpensive B) pretty damn popular.

Subscription site maybe throws me for a loop though.

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There's a giantbomb app with full wiki on the android marketplace. Don't think it's official though and should be taken down.

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@GERALTITUDE: I think it had to do with apple limiting the amount of data that could be streamed through it so they had to sacrifice quality or something. It's been a while since that took place.

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Really? Is it any good? That's pretty hilarious.

Well can't say that really clicked for me but fair enough! I'm sure the reasons not to were good.

I guess if any bombers want to revisit the idea, they know where to find me.

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Windows 8 has a giantbomb app. you can use the integrated win8 search to search the wiki and live updates get a notification overlay (tweetdeck style) outside of the app when GB upload new front page content.

So far it's the first app that really sold me on the Windows 8 app system.

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@Sin4profit: Hm! That sounds interesting. Think it'll be a while until I get Win8, though hopefully we'll get a surface tablet at work just to mess around with. I haven't touched an MS device in ages so I've got no clue what their app system is like.

Sucks that it's a windows app though (won't see that on any i device). That's why I brought up FM, cause it runs on everything. And.. it's the only one? I think.

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@GERALTITUDE: Since the redesign is going to be responsive, it should scale to phone/tablet nicely and therefore negate the need for an app, but the redesign is still a while away by the sound of things.