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I really enjoy the scale of BF3, but I've been having more fun of late with black ops 2.

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@MightyDuck said:

I really enjoy the scale of BF3, but I've been having more fun of late with black ops 2.

me 2 even though i only play BF3 in my pc i didnt have the chance to play it with the mult i love the graphic and the storyline of BF3 but latley i been with BO2

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Well Black Ops 2 is the only one I can vote for, cause I haven't played/have any interest in any of the other options. :P

Granted, I haven't been able to play much Black Ops 2 because of how much Dell Vostro AMD drivers suck, but my interest in the strike missions remains. :P

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I love BF3. I put it down for a while, and was genuinely excited to play Black Ops 2. After getting it though, I realized that I'm actually really tired of the CoD multiplayer. So I got BF3 premium, and I'm getting back into that. I just love the scope and scale of the BF multiplayer.

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I've only played one of those and I'm not going to vote for it (Modern Warfare 3). My guess is that I would like BLOPS 2 the best. But if COD 4 was up there it would win hands down.

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I wish I could get into Battlefield 3, but I don't have a reliable PC so.... BLOPS 2 for me.

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i though so

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Warefigther is clearly the best

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Even though, I played it on a console BF3 is my favorite.

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Where's my "Other, motherfucker" option, since I don't want to play any of those?

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I never got into BF3 like I did Bad Company 2 so out of them Black Ops 2 but if BC2 was a choice that be my pick.

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Battlefield 3, even though I would love a Bad Company 3. It's been a lot of fun to play in it's own right.

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I've only played Battlefield 3 because I got it for free from a friend. I just like how big the maps are.

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Battlefield 3 because that is the only one I have played and it's a pretty good game that I got a surprising amount of mileage from.

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BF3. No fucking contest. I like BlOps 2 but BF3 just blows it out of the water.

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ive been enjoying bloops but bf3 is far better.

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I wish BF3 could run at 60fps on my PS3. I have been having a great time playing BLOPS2 so I have to go with that.

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I only own one of those games, and that's Battlefield 3 & Premium. I'm still playing it every so often, especially when a new expansion comes out. Starting December the 4th, that's going to be Aftermath.

I wouldn't mind playing the other games, but I'll always be a Battlefield player at heart.

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Poor Medal of Honor......

But bf3 is the right choice on strictly multiplayer. But if you want a pretty good campaign and good multiplayer you should go with blops2

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Only one of those has the looks, the scope, the vehicles, and the shenanigans (with vehicles). BF3 4 ME.

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I've really into Black Ops 2 since it came out ,but Amazon recently had a deal on Battlefield 3 premium edition,so I'm going to check it out and see what happens.