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So British duders, are any of you getting involved in all this Black Friday stuff? And if so, have any of you have been able to get some decent bargains or got involved in some supermarket fisticuffs?

I'll be honest, I only found out this was a thing over here until earlier this week an now I'm preparing to pull the trigger on a PS4, GTA V and the new Call of Duty for £305. Anyone else had any luck?

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The only thing worse than watching Americans fight over TVs in a supermarket is watching Brits do it. I pray to god it never comes to Ireland.

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People are just idiots.

Fighting for 20% off a shite TV.

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Yeah seems like people are just getting reckless. Several arrests already for people fighting in Tesco..... Grim.

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Black Friday, boxing day or any other huge physical sale are just not worth the mental and physical anguish. Sit back relax and order online instead, you might not get the "best" deal but my time is worth to much to spend it queuing in a supermarket.

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Bought an Xbox One (& Alien Isolation) on Amazon for £270. Still thinking about whether to cancel it, but it was a pretty decent deal.