Competitive Farm Simulator Exists

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Did you know competitive Farm Simulator was a thing? Neither did I until Geoff Keighley showed it at the Gamescom show earlier today. But it's real and it's kind of fascinating. Here's a rundown:

There's even a pick and ban phase for farm equipment! It's an honest to god esport.

Here's a whole tournament from a month ago. I don't think the one at Gamescom has started yet

I hope the Giant Bomb crew take a look at it. In my wildest dreams I'd love to see the return of an East vs West feature for this game.

Has anyone here played it before?

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You cannot call yourself a true gamer if you haven't been discussing the effect of Trelleborg's bold rush strategy on the FSL meta for the past 4 weeks

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The Krone baler is hilariously OP. Marcus is an absolute BEAST on the harvester. Also take note of Landwirtschaft 3.0's INSANE balestacking & sideloading action. To do that at Farmcon takes a lot of courage. Especially when you take in account that they sync it perfectly with the drone drop!