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If the answer is yes, why don't you have a subscription yet?

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Depends on the game. Sometimes watching people play games is considerably more fun than playing them.

...And I already have a subscription. So there.

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The only games I enjoy watching for extended amounts of time are high level Street Fighter and StarCraft really.

and lately Catherine:


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As usual, it really depends on the game. I love Let's Plays of Resident Evil 1 and 2 but I wouldn't play them again since I'm no fan of tank controls. Similarly, I find Oblivion fun to play but I find it dull watching other people play it. I don't subscribe because most of the features don't appeal to me. I'm not going to spend money just to watch people play games.

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I'd rather play games.

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Really depends on the game. I could watch someone play a story heavy game with commentary(obviously, otherwise it would just be boring) but I would never watch someone play like a racing game or similar.

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Only when the people playing are actually good.

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I can enjoy just watching people play and by that I mean people on a couch beside me, not on a video on Youtube or Giantbomb. I can dig that too but it's not really the same thing.

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Only game I really enjoy watching others play is Starcraft II

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Of course not.

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Not as fun no but still fun enough to be entertaining

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If it's the right people playing the right thing in the right way (like Nanosuitninja) then sure. Unfortunately I don't really get a lot of enjoyment out of watching quicklooks any more unless it's a really wacky game and Vinny is there, so I can't really justify the money at the moment. Also, since I'm European the happy hour starts fairly late, and on Fridays I'm usually doing something else by that time.

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Nope. There are some exceptions of games that have great stories but terrible repetitive gameplay that I know I could never sit through myself to enjoy the story. Those kinds of games I like to see made into Endurance Runs. As for quicklooks, I mostly just use it as a real world trailer to know how the game is going to play and the pacing of it. The Quicklooks stopped being entertaining to watch just for fun a long time ago. So now I tend to only watch them if it's a game I want to buy, or if it's just something I want to know more about.

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Depends. I very much enjoyed the P4 endurance run, but have zip doo-da interest in playing it. In fact the whole japanophile culture attracted by it puts me off a little. But it WAS good, I'll admit. The origonal Deus Ex, proposed for another ER is a game I could go both ways on. Same with Killer 7. But recent stuff I like like Deus ex, Human Rev, not I would much rather play. And finally, a recent Final Fanatasy only if Vinny is forced to play the squealy girl, and brad her luv interest.

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A friend and me played Dragon Age 1 over a weekend, we watched each other play in turns, it was so fun to see us both use different dialogues and outcomes.
That's about it tho, I rather play.

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no, its almost always more fun to play them, but watching them can be fun too

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If it's as fun to watch as it is to play then they haven't made a very good game. The exception perhaps being high level competitive play.

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I watch a lot of Let's Plays, yes.

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Usually when I get home from work I'll watch any new Giant Bomb Quick Looks before I play an actual game. So, yes? I've also been watching Kessler's and Steve's Fear Gauntlet and I have to say it's a lot more fun watching them play Condemned right now than playing the game myself.

When it comes to Giant Bomb content, yes. Otherwise, not really.

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Absolutely, I often enjoy watching other people play more than I enjoy playing it myself.

Take Daggerfall for example. If I jumped into that game right now, i'd get frustrated quickly, and probably ragequit in the starter dungeon, but watching Dave and Vinny plow through it is the best thing ever, and I could watch that for hours.

It all depends on the game, I guess. I can't really enjoy watching people play Quake or Unreal Tournament, those just really makes me want to play.

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Well, there's this game called StarCraft. Oh, and then there's those there fightin' games. Also, you gotta consider the endurance runs, both which are fantastic.  
So yes, I can and do. 

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I watch people play games more then I actually play games. Like I will specifically buy a game if I see it for a little cheaper if it comes with a behind the scenes look at game dev even if I have no intention of playing the game. I spend more time watching like re-runs on Giantbomb then I do playing games even.

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Yes.  And I do have a subscription... to the GSL.  I get a ticket every month.

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For the most part no, unless I have absolutely no interest in the game and the video is at least somewhat entertaining.

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It varies.

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@ajamafalous said:
Only when the people playing are actually good.   Zing!
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No, not really. I don't even particularly enjoy GiantBomb Quick Looks. I come to this site for the community, and the Bombcasts.

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Yes but it all depends on who's play and what they're playing. I have been watching Let's Plays from Chip Cheezum and Ironicus lately. I find them to be really entertaining and some of the games they're playing (Uncharted 2 & MGS4) I don't have access to.

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@Buzzkill said:

If the answer is yes, why don't you have a subscription yet?

Yes, and I have at least 10 different people on youtube I can watch for free.
However, I do think GB deserve some money from my part, I am just too greedy.
But then again, I don't have that much money :(
What would you pick, more games, or a subscription to GB?
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@Buzzkill said:

If the answer is yes, why don't you have a subscription yet?

So you mean GiantBomb? GB isn't really about "watching games". I mean, you can watch a half hour here and there of a game being poorly played, but that doesn't really count.

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I don't see them is comparable.  Sometimes I enjoy watching someone play something, but I don't find it substituting any time I might spend actually playing games, unless it is a primarily story-driven experience.

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It really depends on the game and who is playing it. I enjoy watching skilled people play Street Fighter or other fighting games more than playing the game itself for example (I do like playing Street Fighter though)

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With some games, they're practically the same thing.

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No I really don't and I don't see the point of it - I will no doubt draw a lot of flack for this but - that's one of the things that's always confused me about this site - It's just not entertaining to me to watch people (especially people I don't know) play videogames and talk about them. I do appreciate the QuickLooks because it's a really fucking honest way to cover a game, but most the time I jump around and don't bother with the commentary unless I catch them discussing the technical aspects of a game.

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I have a subscription to GSL, does that count?

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Usually I like to play games myself. But I enjoy quick looks, and watching 4pp broadcast every night. I'll watch a review for a game I already own just cause.  
I also had a friend play Heavy Rain and it was fun watching his decisions and poking fun at the werid moments of the game. There are just certain types of games I think that would be fun to watch. Something story or atmosphere driven like Metal Gear, or Resident Evil, or Condemmed I wouldn't mind watching some.

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Depends on the game.

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I regularly watch fighting game and starcraft tourns. I always prefer to play single player games though.

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Sure, I watch Game Center CX. Watching Arino try to beat games like Castlevania 3 or Ninja Gaiden is a good time.