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  • SirOptimusPrime posted a message on the post 2 Fallout 2 Furious - Ep 01.

    So happy to see you're playing this, Ben! I personally prefer FO1 but FO2, if you can avoid/fix the horrendous technical problems, is such a wild, sprawling game. Since you like FNV you'll at least f...

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  • SirOptimusPrime posted a message on the post WWE 2K20.

    This QL was amazing in every single way.

  • SirOptimusPrime posted a message on the post Disco Elysium.

    Very interesting QL. I built a custom character similar to the pregen Abby chose and haven't seen any of the misogynistic dialog she found. It's a bummer even if it's not her kind of game genre-wise. ...

  • SirOptimusPrime posted a message on the post Ep 301 - Visage.

    And so begins... THE SPOOKY SEASON.Love this series and I'm super happy to see the yearly tradition continue!

  • SirOptimusPrime posted a message in the forum topic Do you think Google Stadia will be the next Google Glass?. on the Google Stadia board

    @frytup: My cap is 250GB (sometimes it trips at 150 but my ISP never has anything to say on that topic so idk)... if I did nothing but play games with my internet, that's still only 27.78 hours (1080p...

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