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    Andy McCurdy

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    Andy McCurdy was the lead engineer for Whiskey Media, the previous home of Giant Bomb. Previously, he worked on several games for Ubisoft.

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    Andy McCurdy was the lead engineer at Whiskey Media. He enjoys Yuengling beer and Heroes of Newerth. He is also purportedly very good at Galaga.


    • Reviewed World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King for Giant Bomb, which was his first and only review on the site.
    • Placed third in the Pac-Man Scrub League with a score of 12880. Also the only player to clear the first board without losing a life.
    • Expresses his anger at Sean Coonce by being snarky on IRC.
    • Once stated that Master Chief's identification tag was "double asshole."
    • Has a dog named Titan.
    • Writes code for Redis and Django on Github.
    • "Slightly prefers" Five Guys over In-N-Out.
    • Loved The Wizard when he was a kid.

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