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I can't remember the last time I used it. I think it can be neat as a subtle way to reveal secrets, but as for explosions and gunfire and stuff like that, I just find it distracting and gimmicky.

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Personally I really like it, I think it adds a lot to the feel of a game. I was kinda bummed I couldn't get the rumble to work when I played Silent Hill 2 on the PC, especially 'cause I really liked the game.

I also like anything that adds to the immersion of the experience so I really value surround and playing in the dark.

I can see it being a hindrance in some high score situations but I'm not really that guy.

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Well programmed Force Feedback in Steering Wheels and Joysticks can be really good to tell you that you are on the edge of grip on tires or about to break a wing off in a flight sim. I think it's key, though lazy force feedback is just the same as spring centering so it's up to the devs to program it well.

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I don't believe its a gimmick, but even if it is, what is wrong with that? I find that it adds to the experience more than it distracts and in the few times in the last twenty years it has been a distraction I have been able to turn it off. I would rather have more options / features than less.

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It's interesting that while I often enjoy it on my console games I never miss it on PC. I think Kojima uses it in the most fun ways but even that is mostly silly.

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I used to think it was fairly pointless in standard controllers (which I assume is what we are talking about here, its an absolute necessity for steering wheels and flight controllers) but at some point during the previous generation I had a Dualshock 3 break on me and was forced into using an original Sixaxis and I really missed it. I couldn't tell you exactly what it was about it but I suddenly felt more disconnected from the game I was playing at the time when I wasn't getting the rumble through the controller that I had been getting previously.

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I've been a fan since the N64 Rumble Pack.

Playing Forza at the launch of the Xbox One is best experience I've had with feedback. The rumble in the triggers was ace.

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I'm a fan of feedback that is forced.

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I don't mind it, but it doesn't really do much for me. If there is an option I will have it on.

EDIT: Assuming you're talking about rumble in controllers?

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Are we talking about the vibration in controllers? Cause that's like second nature at this point. I only notice it when it's not there.

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It's fine. I have no strong feels about it either way. I did not get Star Fox 64 with a rumble pack and didn't feel like I was missing out. The Performance TremorPak was good enough. I miss is always being a thing since I switched to PC, but the little subwoofer on my desk kinda fills the void.

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As with pretty much every effect, it can and has been used well - but I have a tendency to turn it off whenever I can. Some games way overuse it, to the point where it's uncomfortable to play a game when it happens. I really hate it when shooters make your controller rumble every time you fire a gun.

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I barely ever even notice it, to be honest.

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I don't play car games or flight sims so i don't have much experience with force feedback

For anyone talking about rumble.. that would be Haptic Feedback

HD Rumble is a good example of how you SHOULD do Haptic feedback

both are nice features to have when used right

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Force feedback in a flight stick or driving wheel is very different from controller vibration. I don't have a FFB stick but on my wheel I can tell when I'm reaching the limits of adhesion if it's implemented well. It makes me better at the game.

Vibration on a controller can add to the experience, but I doubt if it can make anyone better at a game.

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@dave_tacitus: Yea, FF on steering wheels is what makes it feels real. The moment your car loses grip you feel the wheel losing it's force and you react to it. In F1 2017 it also makes you feel small bumps in the road surface.

Rumbling in controllers is so common nowadays that I don't really notice it anymore. But when it's not there I'll probably miss it.

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I don't remember the last time i played an action game without it

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No, i have never liked it. I usually open up my controllers and cut the physical cord, if there are games i play that don't have an option to turn it off.

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For me, force Feedback is almost necessary where as controller rumble often is just a nice thing to have as long as it's not overused. In racing sims that implement FFB properly (Assetto Corsa, iRacing...ect), it's the best way to get a feel for how the car is behaving and how much you can push it.

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I try to always have it on. Anytime it's off, it just feels like something is missing from the experience.

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No, i have never liked it. I usually open up my controllers and cut the physical cord, if there are games i play that don't have an option to turn it off.

Have you thought of removing the motors? Would make your controller lighter.

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Not particularly.

I have played enough PC games to recognize I don't miss it, and even when I played on consoles, it always felt like a limited gimmick no one was making interesting use of...

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I've used it since its inception, but i got to a point about 9 years ago where i started to notice it and it became a nuisance, i figure i've just felt it so often that it got annoying so now i turn it off straight away.
I've only turned it back on once and that was to feel the Xbox One controller's trigger vibration in Forza Horizon 3, which was neat, but i got the gist of it and turned it off again, i'd buy a cheaper version of that controller which was wired and without motors inside.

Most games are good about letting you turn it off, but i get super annoyed when games come out without the option, i'm looking at you Battlegrounds and Snake Pass, however the former can be disabled via a launch option. If you spend the time programming in the activations and strengths of force feedback into every event in your game, why on earth wouldn't you think to include the option to turn it off?

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It's hard for me to play racing games on a controller now without the Xbox One impulse triggers.

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I've been using it since the N64 days. I like it, but I honestly don't notice it anymore. My mind has become accustomed to it at this point.

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I rarely notice it, but I miss it when it's gone. Such an odd thing.

I do like when it has a purpose, like a low rumble on rough asphalt, pulsing for low health, etc.

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It's really weird, I always used it last generation but I turned it off to extend the charge on my Dualshock 4 and never turned it back on. On the occasion that a firmware update or something turns it back on, I find it REALLY jarring. So I guess I'm over it at this point.

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@ezekiel: Have done that on one 360 controller, i'd strongly advice against it, as it throws the entire controller off balance and makes it not feel good in your hands, compare to any other controller.

With the xbox one elite controller the associated app for the controller lets you disable vibration natively to the controller, meaning that it will not work regardless of game settings.

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To be honest i don't noticed it anymore. Its just something that's been there for years and you have grown accustomed to it. Jumping from consoles to PC all the time and it makes no difference to me.

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I have never been a fan of 'force feedback' because it always feels fake, I think the various rumble features in joypad are fine. But, once you start trying to link mechanical feedback to the controls sticks, wheels or flight sticks it never feel good enough to matter. So, yes for rumble; and no for forced feedback.

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I like haptic feedback in controllers but force-feedback is better, wonder if they could actually make controllers with actual force-feedback?

these days you only see force-feedback in steering-wheels only, as not even new flight-sim sticks come out have force-feedback, nor do most games support it anymore for older joysticks that have force-feedback.