Don't Unionize! Play Video Games!

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Oh god, that is hilariously pathetic. This is what happens when you let grandpa-corporate-executive take the reins of your messaging.

"What are all those 'milleniums' into nowadays, anyway? Games on their video-machines while they listen to their 'rocky-roll' music, I bet!"

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Wow! We really let capitalism get out of control, huh?

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Fucking nightmare.

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I mean... at least they're honest about it right guys? Other companies (and the government for that matter) would just assume you would do that anyway. Here distract yourself with these fancy gadgets whilst we fuck the planet.

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i thought this was an onion joke geez

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...Does Delta Airlines exclusively hire drunk and high teenagers? Who do they think they're gonna trick with this?

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@rejizzle: maybe their pr guy is a high drunken teenager

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Glad I opened that in an incognito window.


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I mean these poor CEOs have to earn their measly millions somehow

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Disgusting is the only way I can put it really.

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Holy Hell

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@kingbonesaw said:

PS5 costs $700?

Even less, for every member of staff who doesn't pay their union dues, the company will give you a new PS5*.

*new work week is 150 hours and you won't have time to play games, and you will be dead.

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The fact that link didn't lead to an Onion article.