Extra Life 2019 Streaming Assistance/Tips

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Hey y'all. With Alex kicking off GB's Extra Life festivities a bit earlier this year I wanted to get out there ahead of time and ask for some help from those who have participated in the past. As someone whose only streaming experience is pressing the Share button on PS4 I'm looking for suggestions and tips for PC streaming and how to rig everything up for Twtich/Youtube/whatever.

My main questions are:

What software should I use for PC screen capture and probably some basic overlays whether they're stock or I come up with something. It seems like Streamlabs OBS might be my option after some cursory searching.

How do I get involved with Giant Bomb's schedule when the time comes and is there anything significant to know about being on a team during Extra Life.

I have a clear idea of what I want to stream, but I want to make sure it'll fit in with the event. And if there's any need to spice it up for the show.

Thanks to everyone who helps out every year. I'm real excited to have an extra reason to look forward to this one!