Giant Bomb: Crime Crew - THE B-TEAM | Trailer

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I didn't really know where to post community content in this forum so I just put it here in the General Discussion part. I made a trailer for the new Crime Crew series. Big fan of GB and the show! Cheers!

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Amazing work. That was really REALLY well put together and should be used as some sort of site promo for premium content.

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@humanity: Ah thanks, man! I feel like Crime Crew could at least use an intro of some kind. I think it's one of their best shows in a while. Clearly took a lot of effort to make and well worth the wait. :)

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This is so good, thank you for this.

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Wonderful! Thank you.

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Holy crep, that was genious.

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Yeah, that would make a great intro for each episode, but they probably couldn't use the music, and "The B-Team" is off brand from "Crime Crew", both of which elevate this montage of footage.