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Posted by DriveupLife (1214 posts) 10 months, 21 days ago

Poll: In the past year, how many games with gold/PS+ free games have you played to completion? (159 votes)

0 49%
1-2 28%
3-4 13%
5-6 5%
7-8 1%
9-10 2%
11-15 0%
16-20 0%
>20 1%

Hi bomb squad.

I recently canceled my Playstation plus subscription because I was never ever playing the free games. I might poke my head into one game or another and go "huh, this is ok" but I never once finished a game I got for free.

So how about you? Are you actually enjoying and finishing these games you're getting? If you're subscribed to both services, you can add the number played across platforms together.

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#1 Posted by yourbrain (35 posts) -

I've never finished one (well, other than Life is Strange which I had already played through on pc) in the year I've had PS+, but I rarely finish games at all. :] A lot of them are games I wanted to try, but not enough to pay full price for. I like that I get to try a bunch of games "for free" but I don't feel bad if I drop them after an hour or two.

That said, I haven't started Bloodborn or Beyond: Two Souls yet and I think I may actually play most if not all of those...

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#2 Posted by nutter (2112 posts) -

@undefined: Only a few. I let PS+ lapse around December.

I’ve actually used Gamepass on Xbox more in the last month than Games with Gold and PS+ combined.

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#3 Posted by Slag (8157 posts) -

Well I don't know since I've never subbed. My guess is I'd knock out a handful a year.

Such a luck of the draw of what you get, a lot of what seems to be offered I already have.

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#4 Posted by deactivated-5c4a6d7d37a3f (654 posts) -

I renewed my ps plus in january for Monster Hunter World and I'm pretty sure i've played at least one game from each month to completion this year. I didn't bother playing more than a few hours of mad Max so... do some quick math... pretty sure i've beat 6 games this year from PS plus freebies. 7 if you let me pre include Absolver in that list.

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#5 Posted by Rain_1 (174 posts) -

I mean, I buy games that I don't play, so my answer to this question wouldn't be any useful, as I believe the underlying desire of this question is to find out "do those games being given for free have any worth?" and how much I play a game is not a thing that denotes worth for me.

tl;dr: I didn't play most of the games, but I don't play most games anymore - I just buy them, accumulate them, wish I had time to play them and look in disbelief and choice paralysis when I do have time to play a game, so I just go play another endless multiplayer game (Destiny 2 or Overwatch) with my friends instead.

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#6 Posted by FrostyRyan (2920 posts) -

I'm currently almost done with Red Dead Redemption so at least one!

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#7 Posted by devise22 (730 posts) -

Played to completion is probably a weird way to track this when some games that we got on plus are MP etc. But in terms of SP stuff I've probably beaten 4 or 5 of the plus games I've gotten in the last year. But there are things like Rocket League, and NBA and others that I have played a bunch of that you can't really "complete."

I think if your looking for info on if these services are worth it, it's going to be a mixed bag. There are games on my list I'm really looking forward to digging into, for example Dues Ex Mankind Divided, Broken Age, Invisible Inc, and I'm currently in the process of finishing Darksiders 2 and X-Com 2 was a more recent one. But it's always up and down. At least for Plus. There have been months and months in a row where I just go "really?" And as the big catalog of PS games (especially exclusives) continue to build, it eventually becomes a bit of a bummer hoping to see something else thrown on there. I do think the curation process could be much better, and I am absolutely a believer that top AAA games from years past should eventually get added to some degree. Or just in general a curation process that feels a bit more respectful to the fact that we are paying them a yearly fee not just for access to MP but to also have some access to some great games.

That said, it would be impossible for me to say I've gotten zero value out of it. I've beaten over a handful of games through the service in it's entirety and probably put in hundreds of hours into the "free" games. I think some of the criticism and frustration that comes towards the service is just the acknowledgement that it isn't years past anymore. Where they are trying to push digital sales above all, where games as a service were less common. Hell look at Xbox Game Pass. There is certainly a push towards the Netflix model coming with games or the idea that your subscribing to something to get access to a curated library even if you download it. And I think the fact that Plus hasn't really changed it's model over the years or reevaluated the value proposition of it's service is probably more at fault than just the curation process or the games they select.

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#8 Posted by MetalBaofu (1705 posts) -

Not sure without going through and checking them all. Some I had already played before they were on PS+, others I'm just not good enough to finish(Trackmania, mainly). I'll probably get to most of them eventually. I rent new releases constantly through Gamefly, and I typically use the PS+ games as games to play when there is a lull in new releases, or while waiting to receive something from Gamefly. That said, I do play some of them almost as soon as I get them downloaded, if it's something that catches my eye well enough.

I've also played a fair number of games that I bought extremely cheap during sales with PS+ discounts, so while they weren't free, I still might not have played those games yet, if I didn't have PS+. There's a a decent number of games in the current sale with PS+ discounts that I'm considering getting.

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#9 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2049 posts) -

Why add the "to completion" part? I haven't finished all that many (a few, though) but I've played lots of them and certainly had my enjoyment and value.

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#11 Posted by JeremyF (353 posts) -

I cancelled my auto renew and my sub will end this month. I did finish a few games but I think I'm okay for now. Don't really play online games either.

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#12 Posted by BelowStupid (496 posts) -

I don't like indies so the only games I pick up form plus are the big ones. The games that I was pleased to get were R&C, MGS5, Infamous SS, and Knack. I've beaten them all but Knack, (which I may eventually beat... probably not) and I already bought those games new on disk so it's nice to have a digital option I guess?

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#13 Edited by LeStephan (1215 posts) -

I wish I could just pay for the servercosts instead of 'getting' these 'free' games I almost always already have anyways. :( (Thats a bunch of a's)

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#14 Posted by BoOzak (2573 posts) -

I think Tales from the Borderlands is the only one this year. Been playing a lot more games through game pass recently though. Must have finished about 4-5 between June & July.

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#15 Posted by TheFlamingo352 (337 posts) -

I can't say for sure, but I'm playing Absolver with PS Plus right now and am really loving it- just beat the (short) story mode and excited to go online more. Of course some months are better than others, but even a few really good games a year is worth the asking price, especially if you only subscribe at sale prices.

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#16 Edited by MattGiersoni (587 posts) -

1 game, Infamous: Second Son. I've had PS Plus for 1 year and PS4 for 1,5 year and I feel like they had pretty good months with some good games both small and big and I definitely feel the service is worth it. The reason I only played this 1 game is simple: PSN sales.

At least in the EU, PSN sales are crazy frequent and games that are still fairly new like 8-12 months old get discounted from anywhere 50-75%, more for even older titles, and so this caused me to build quite a big backlog (which I have mostly finished by now luckily, and I'm trying not to buy as much and be less susceptible to sales). I either often already had the game that was on PS Plus that month or my backlog was so large that I wanted to focus on playing something else.

On the other hand, I do wish they had 2 options. Premium sub that would be the same as it is now and a cheaper one, say 20$ per year which would not include games but only cloud saves + ability to play online. Nintendo's service is gonna be 20$ per year and they give you cloud saves, online play and like a NES game or something, hence why I set the price of that other hypothetical option to 20.

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#17 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2049 posts) -

@belowstupid: not to derail but what does a statement like "I don't like indies" actually mean?

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#18 Posted by stocksy2097 (44 posts) -

Since last July: 3 completed, 2 of which I platinum'd.

Those were Vita and PS3 games. I'm in the habit of adding every PS+ game to my library regardless of present interest, and then maybe getting around to playing them.

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#19 Edited by warpr (208 posts) -

I've only had Gold since March this year, but since then:

  • Superhot
  • AC Syndicate
  • And I just started playing Metal Gear Solid 5, I'll probably finish that

I've also bought a few things which were "Deals with Gold", so for now I feel I'm still getting enough value out of it.

EDIT: I almost never play online, only thing recently was Dark Souls (which made me try Gold in the first place).

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#20 Posted by ThatOneDudeNick (1565 posts) -

None, but that's nothing against the quality of the PS+ or Gold games. I only finished 2 games in the last year period, even with all of the ones I paid full price for and loved. Whether or not I finish a game isn't a measure of its quality. I just play stuff until I don't feel like playing it anymore. Sometimes that's 1 hour, sometimes it's 100 hours. Completion isn't my goal.

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#23 Posted by DrM2theJ (232 posts) -

I play all the PS4 games I get from PS Plus and sometimes I play the PS3 and Vita ones (it's becoming more and more rare).

I often don't even finish games I buy new, but recent "free" games I've played a substantial number of hours of include Rime and Mad Max. Also, honestly, I need to find a month or two to squeeze XCOM2 into now that I've got that.

My free time has dwindled, which is probably why I'm playing less of these. That said, almost every digital game I buy has a PS Plus discount, and it has paid for itself each year I've had it as a result.