Is DC Universe Online worth getting into?

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So DC Universe Online launches today for the Switch, and I was wondering if anyone here has played the game recently on other platforms, and if they think it's worth getting into. I remember the game coming out, but I never heard about it ever again until I saw it was coming to the Switch, at which point I was immediately intrigued. The fact that it's been around for a while is generally a good sign, but it could also mean the game is too impenetrable for new players, and the 24(!) GB size on Switch is pretty chunky. What are your guys' thoughts on the game?

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I played it on PC for a little. I never could get into it. The combat always felt so laggy to me. I did not care for it very much I guess.

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I remember liking what i played of it on PS3, never ended up continuing on ps4 though.

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The Quick Look for it is immensely entertaining, one of those great 5+ person sh*tshows.

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I played a few hours with my kid a number of years back.

I hated it.

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I put a good chunk of time into it, but it's been a long time since I've played. I had fun, but I'm also willing to put up with a lot depending on the circumstances. In this case, I wanted a superhero MMO, but CoH had disappeared and Champions was and still is, as far as I know, practically on life support, waiting for someone to pull the plug. So this was my only choice.

It's clunky af. Jank out the ass. Missions are kinda insanely repetitive. It's sometimes hard to tell where damage is coming from and even if you can, it often feels like you're taking way too much. This game has a ton of problems.

But it's pretty easy to get into and just sort of simple mindnumbing fun set in the DC Universe, sooooo...meh. Up to you.