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It seems all the big features of the new design revolve around using the site to view the content similar to netflix. Those are neat features but I exclusively download all the videos I watch and never stream video from the site unless it's a live show. Is it cheaper from a content provider to stream video rather than allow downloads?

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Its still just as easy to download shows. easier in fact as its one less click for me anyway.

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@rigas said:

Its still just as easy to download shows. easier in fact as its one less click for me anyway.

You're right they haven't made it harder to download but all the new features are about creating a watchlist and making the video player more prominent. By the way, how is it one less click for you to download? I go to the video page, click the download button and then click the HD option. I believe it was the same number of clicks on the old design.

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I didn't know so many people downloaded stuff.

I always looked at it with a who does this attitude.

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I suspect that the vast majority of people stream everything.

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@cupofdoom: I can't speak for anyone else who downloads content, but I very often to if I want something to watch during lunch at work, on a trip or waiting at an appointment. I can't always rely on Wi-Fi for that sort of thing.

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I always thought download was a feature. They'd probably love to do away with it if they could but they made it part of the selling point of premium.

On the other hand, it'd be so cool if Giant Bomb mailed tapes like GameFly and Netflix. Mail me some Quick Look tapes!

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I exclusively stream the new videos, but I download older videos to watch on my iPad when I am away from home or when other people in my house are already streaming on other video services. It’s a luxury, sure, but something I would miss if downloading went away. I don’t think anyone has said downloading is going away though. Seems like it is a bug that some videos can’t be downloaded.

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I got scared for a second that they took away downloads. Phew.

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@thursday1977: I know people download videos, I occasionally do when I go on vacation, I'm just speculating that more than 80% of user never do.

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I rarely download, but GB streaming quality has often been extremely inconsistent for many people, so it’s s nice feature to have.

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I download almost everything I watch.

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I also almost exclusively download. The only case I don't is watching a show live.

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I stream 99% of everything on the site but I don't have much time to watch things these days due to work and socialising so downloads really help with my commute, especially keeping up with Mass Alex. It'd be a shame if they ever got rid of downloads.

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I've actually found a few videos that I can't download at all since the launch of the new site. Not sure if that's a bug or a feature, but it's kinda a bummer either way.

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I always download, i usually watch the videos on my 2nd monitor and use keyboard shortcuts to control it.
I was worried downloads had disappeared and thankfully they haven't, though everything else about the redesign can suck an egg.

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I download every podcast to listen to on a mp3 player at work. And I always download everything that isn't available on Youtube , to watch on a media player on my tv.

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@efesell: I'm pretty sure that watching the P4ER on a PLEX server is the canonical way to do so.

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I download everything. My service gets a little iffy once in a while when I try to stream anything. Also I'm one of those weirdos that like to occasionally re-watch stuff.

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Will there be a paid DLC for the old theme?

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i download everything.