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Why is everyone saying that he's cool? He's pretty much the exact opposite of cool. Seems like a enough nice guy, though.
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I would've liked him if he dropped trou and squeezed out a Cleveland Steamer on Brad's chest.

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@TheMustacheHero: He was happy. I liked to say he was very happy with his life and when he had a camera in his hands.
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@ajamafalous said:
" @SonicFire said:
" He seems be a really nice guy, and in writing, I enjoyed his articles.   However, every time he spoke he seemed a little overeager. Like "HI I'M MATT AND I AM NOW SAYING SOMETHING" I think that comes somewhat with being an intern, especially in an office of extremely seasoned vets.  Wish him all the best in the world though. "
This exactly. "
More or less how I feel. Or, as one might say, <>.