Mario DVD in cereal box

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This was in the 2000s, and I remember Mario being one of several franchise DVDs you could find in a box of select cereal boxes. What was particulary odd about this promotion is that the promotion was not particulary video game themed, so even at the time I found it odd that a Mario DVD was among movie and cartoon ones. Anyone else remember this?

I also seem to remember it using a piece of promo art from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, so it could’ve just been a single episode from that.

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I don't recall that specifically, but I got the full game of Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 in a cereal box once. I also have the DVD of the Brendan Fraiser movie "Blast from the past" from a Pizza promotion. I think you could get the Ninja Turtles movies too.

I wonder if DVD distributors made these deals when they were over stocked with DVDs they can't sell.

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@tom_omb: you got 2 from a box? I remember getting the first game in a cereal box. I believe it was Cinnamon toast Crunch. The best cereal.

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I don't remember Mario, but I do recall get a Mini-CD music disc with a single by Toad The Wet Sprocket.

The best thing I ever got out of a cereal box or mail away was "Boba Fett", but a close second in 1979 were six punch out cardboard spaceships from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I hung those models up in my bedroom on thread for fours years.

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@propagandapanda: Yep, still have the disk. It has a General Mills logo on it. Never played the fist one, but I played a ton of this one. Best thing I got from a cereal box by a mile.

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