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#1 Posted by Breezy (21 posts) -

Im checking to see if there are any other video reviews or if Vinny has his Dragonball Z: Burst Limit review up!

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#2 Posted by Rianor (111 posts) -

I'm checking out the forums and the new blog post.

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#3 Posted by Sinphinity (6 posts) -

Going to sleep. It's 1 AM.

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#4 Posted by MichaelScott (199 posts) -

Posting on the forum. <.<

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#5 Posted by Master_Chief (25 posts) -

I'm finally getting ready to go to bed... yes I was waiting for the site to launch...*runs away*

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#6 Posted by FFJosh (11 posts) -

Posting in a thread asking me about what I'm doing at the moment...

Oh, wait.

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#7 Posted by Breezy (21 posts) -


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#8 Posted by Yunvon (125 posts) -

Posting and looking around, have to say I am liking the site.  It is nice and smooth.....So far.....

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#9 Posted by Vanden (2 posts) -

Posting here, oddly enough.

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#10 Posted by powicewobots (110 posts) -

Just browsing the site, getting used to my new internet home ^_^

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#11 Posted by Orbi (176 posts) -

Just checking out what I can. It's only 6 P.M. here so I have all night to check this amazing site out.

After that I may customize my profile a bit, see what I can do with it and whatnot.

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#12 Posted by bill (112 posts) -

Writing my goodbye letter to Gamespot.


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#13 Edited by Relys (1001 posts) -


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#14 Posted by delsaber (216 posts) -

Posting here with one hand, enjoying a slice of day-old Little Caesar's pepperoni pizza with the other.

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#15 Posted by xplodedd (1379 posts) -

trying to enjoy the layout, still haven't got used to it.

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#16 Posted by mastab8ing_bear (52 posts) -
Relys said:
"Frantically touching myself..

Did I say that out load?

Hey  man i'm excited too....i think its natural to do that...isnt it????

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#17 Posted by Jensonb (2078 posts) -

Zipping around looking at everything. Loving it.

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#18 Posted by Trilleong (77 posts) -

I still just trying to take it all in!  I don't think I've seen every corner of the site yet.

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#19 Posted by Thor (29 posts) -

Trying to get over the fact that it's finally here! :P

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#20 Posted by Cammy (162 posts) -

high fiving  people everywhere!

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#21 Posted by Soopy (49 posts) -

posted up a pic, posting in the fourms, and looking around the spiffy layout and design.

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#22 Posted by Dr_Brule (3 posts) -
mastab8ing_bear said:
"Relys said:
"Frantically touching myself..

Did I say that out load?

Hey  man i'm excited too....i think its natural to do that...isnt it????

Only if you like making angels cry and forcing God to kill kittens
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#23 Posted by Absurd (2932 posts) -

Posting, I want to go watch Arrested Development but I'm sure by the time I'm back everyone will have alot more posts.

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#24 Posted by Termite (2428 posts) -

Posting, I want to get a head start on post counts ( Yeah, I"m a dork )

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#25 Posted by Joker (703 posts) -

Talking to a bunch of Giant bomb enthusiasts over at Giant Bomb's justin.tv account.

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#26 Posted by xplodedd (1379 posts) -

still trying to figure out the layout. Yes termite you are indeed.

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#27 Posted by RagnarokPwnage (6 posts) -

Getting my account fully set up.

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#28 Posted by Aska (540 posts) -

I was about to go to sleep, thought I'd check giantbomb.com once more before I do and to my surprise it was up!  So now I'm just browsing what will be my new video game home on the web.

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#29 Posted by thebeast (1920 posts) -

Browsing, reading and exploring the king of game sites that is Giant Bomb!

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#30 Posted by coonce (1609 posts) -

trying to optimize....

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#31 Posted by Nude_Dude (1088 posts) -

Just posting aroun figuring how ti works....I'm not trying to get the highest post count, since I don't really care who does. >__>

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#32 Posted by Absurd (2932 posts) -

I'm also about to go play Garry's Mod and come back tomorrow for some more posting, Hopefully the site is more stable by that time.

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#33 Posted by Major (474 posts) -

Waiting and refreshing to update my profile.

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#34 Posted by Iyiu (150 posts) -

im just checking this site out pretty sweet!

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#35 Posted by Lashe (1413 posts) -

I'm just looking about. I've got that kinda virtual gaping wide mouth as I go -- I love the place so far! =]

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#36 Posted by FoolInjection (244 posts) -

I'm just scoping the place out.  I can see what the guys meant about having a look at ComicVine.com its really similar in layout, which is awesome... Smells very clean.

I tried to stay up last night for the site launch as I got the "Landing Shortly" message but being in the UK it was like 4am and it still wasn't up... fell asleep, woke up this morning and it was up... so its like 11am right now and I'm getting my Profile all filled in.

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#37 Posted by Alpha1 (310 posts) -

Just having a look before i got to go to work im thinking its excellent  well done guys

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#38 Posted by sdodd02 (762 posts) -

Just looking around at the forums.

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#39 Posted by Atlas (2739 posts) -

Just browsing the forums. I'm too much of a pussy to try editing Wiki pages.

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#40 Posted by Conflict (79 posts) -

Looking for niche games I really enjoyed and submitting content on them.

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#41 Posted by faustyn (659 posts) -

getting used to my new favourite website.
and listening to some music :) but it's really early here in poland. it's like 12:44pm here. i'm usually still in bed at this time. crap.

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#42 Posted by Sharvie (116 posts) -

Just posting on the forums and exploring the site.

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#43 Posted by isomac (152 posts) -

Jumping around the site and trying the features.

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#44 Posted by demonbear (1938 posts) -

Totally posting on the forums and maybe tweaking my profile.

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#45 Posted by lettuceman44 (129 posts) -

Posting on the forums, browsing some other sites.

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#46 Posted by Caje (139 posts) -

Just finished getting my icon and profile picture uploaded, now I'm browsing the forums.

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#47 Posted by Disgaeamad (1404 posts) -

Just postin' around, wondering why I can't upload an icon yet.

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#48 Posted by Locke (335 posts) -

Posting in the forums. Specifically this thread.

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#49 Posted by Lairdo (539 posts) -

Being annoyed by the picture sizes for avatars and the like.

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#50 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5738 posts) -

Right now, I'm just exploring the site and all of its features.  It is a bit overwhelming, and I am seeing how much of it I can customize for myself.