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I've recently watched a few shows on TV about parkour and some of the athletes' moves reminded me of Assassins' Creed. Since it is a relatively new sport, do you think parkour has benefited from added limelight due to games like AC, Mirror's Edge, Prince of Persia, Infamous or other games that have free running? Or have platforming video games in the 3D era increasingly based their gameplay on parkour?

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probably the former.

parkour in games is oooold as well as the trope in movies and such.

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I'm pretty sure the sport hasn't gotten anything out of games. It probably gets more out of the gymnastics scene or skateboarding scene than it has from the video game scene.

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Jackie Chan did all that shit without a fancy name back in the day, goddamn Rumble in the Bronx and even earlier than that.

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@anwar said:

Jackie Chan did all that shit without a fancy name back in the day


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parkour has been around at least since the 80's.

it was never used in games till semi-recently due to technical limits.

but yeah, it being featured so prominently in games probably gave rise to its popularity. probably also caused a bunch of dumb teenagers to think they can do it too and smashing their balls on hand rails, which well. thats great.

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Crazy when you think that even a game like L.A. Noire had a parkour system in place.

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Brink could have been something special in regards to implementing parlour elements within the gameplay and would have been more recognized for it, sadly the execution was flawed rendering those elements as secondary if not nonexistent.

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As far as I remember Parkour existed before the games. I remember watching a "parkour movie" in school when I was about 13 or 14. I'm 26 now.

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Pitfall has parkour. Discuss.