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I was looking at the PS Classic and I'm just super confused by it.
Sony already made a tiny little box that plays PS One games. It even connects to the PS Store so you can buy other games. It has wireless controller support for PS3 and PS4 controllers. It even lets you play "newer" PS2 era games like Persona 4 Golden, MGS 2 & 3, Final Fantasy X, etc.

I get the appeal of the tiny classic console, but I gotta think Sony could have just bundled a handful of PS One titles with a PS One edition Vita TV and called it a day. Am I missing something in that the emulation on the PS Classic will be better?

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Its the fact that the Classic will sell better because of nostalgia and not "half of another console", and is probably cheaper to make then a PSTV. I think the emulation on PS3/TV was fine, odds are it will be similar if not the same, but who knows till it is out. I think the boat for the PSTV has long since sailed. They had somewhat of a shot at a "PlayStation Roku" but messed it up royally when not even Netflix worked on it.