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Well, I have tried multiple times before but I finally get it. When Halo originally came out I was a PC gamer and never understood what the hype is all about. I played Halo 3 on the 360 (my first console) and it was OK, a bit boring on your own but OK for a co-op session. Then last Year I was given the anniversary edition as a present and it still didn't grab me. A few days ago we put it in just to test a friends new 3D TV and I had a lot of fun with it. Well, guess I am little late to the party.

Are there any games you picked up years/decades later and suddenly realized that you have been wrong all along?

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Hmm I'm trying to think of something but I usually know if I like a game or not when I play it.

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Not quite as ancient as Halo, but I just discovered Minecraft and I really enjoy it.

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I snubbed Starcraft 2 for a long time, thinking that it was only for the most elite of players and Koreans. I discovered a great multiplayer game that was accessible and a great community.

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I've ignored Half Life for all it's existence... I plan on ending this on this year's holiday break.

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@kortex: Halo Reach was pretty great, updated some of the old mechanics to make it more enjoyable like jet pack and sprint.

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I really can't think of any; mainly because even though I do join the hate bandwagon occasionally, I usually just end up trying the game anyway pretty soon. I'm playing RE4 on the 360 ($10 for Shocktober); and while I still don't find it amazing, it is a lot of fun.

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The Maximo games for the PS2. I remember when they came out I had seen them in the store and payed them no mind. Just looked like some third rate upstart action franchise. Some dude at work told me they were good, but I blew it off because he was kind of a dolt. It wasn't until a few months ago that someone told me they were part of the Ghosts 'n Goblins universe, so I checked em out and loved every minute of them.

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just getting into halo? Thats the game that made the original xbox a hit. you are more than late to the party. you missed the party all together.

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No, because usually if a game is terrible everyone will agree.

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Alpha Protocol? It hasn't been years upon years, but I passed on the game when it was first released. Then I bought it for super-cheap when it showed up on a Steam sale, and immediately hated it. It was one of the few games I gave a second chance, a year or two after I bought it. I have no regrets.

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I picked up Halo 3 a while back with the intention of understanding what the big deal was. I did play through all of Halo 1 on PC back in the day but I didn't understand back then how it became so popular. Sadly, my adventures in Halo 3 only lasted about an hour and completely failed to explain what makes the game so loved. I think Halo just isn't for me, I can't find anything in that game which appeals to me.

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Ratchet and Clank is a recent one for me. I pretty much missed all platform type games on PS2, and never really explored those franchises (even though I actually like the Mario 3D stuff).

Sony is starting to earn a lot of good points for those HD collections with me. Like they want you play all of the good games that have been on their consoles, are willing to update it, but want to make it an extraordinary value because it is an older title.

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When the original Rock Band came out I was convinced it was a horrible idea. I was such a huge Guitar Hero fanboy that even knowing RB was Harmonix developed didn't sway my opinion. It took a small dorm party a couple months after Rock Band released to convinced me otherwise. Playing drums was so much fun I knew I had to bite the bullet and get the full band kit.

Years later, rhythm gaming isn't what it used to be but Rock Band is still one of my favorite franchises.

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Mega Man 9 was the first Mega Man game I played. Mind = opened.

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I've thought about playing Reach then the first 3 Halos again for Halo 4's release but watching Drew and Alexis play those games was enough for me.

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I didn't play Chrono Trigger until this year.

Anyone who made the same mistake I did by not playing Chrono Trigger yet needs to rectify their blunder. Play that game!

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Yes, but it generally happens the other way. Fuck Ocarina of Time, and RollerCoaster Tycoon is waaaay harder to enjoy now.

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Ive always been a console and PC gamer. Halo was a great game even by PC standards. It was my favorite game for several years. Sadly I felt the sequels stuck too close to the original formula, making them feel too much like an expansion. Was never into the multi player.

I dont miss too many games so it kinda hard to find old gems that I just plain missed. I do know that it is pretty hard to play a game that is several years old and truly be able to appreciate it for what it was at the time. Still thinking back to the original Halo I have fond memories of the AI. It offered some pretty tough dynamic fights that usually never felt exactly the same. Always loved that first big fire fight after landing on Halo. The one just over the first hill in the valley below.

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Final Fantasy IX threw me at first. I found it too childish, with all the anthropomorphic hippos, rats and dogs. Anyway, I came back to it about 2 years later, knowing what to expect this time, and not only is it my favourite Final Fantasy now, but I consider it the best game I have ever played.

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God of War. First time I couldn't stand it because it wasn't Devil May Cry. Couple years later I came around!

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@tunaburn: My thoughts exactly.

I haven't touched the Zelda series since Windwaker. Haven't played a Final Fantasy entry since IX. Never played a Metal Gear Solid game in it's entirety (something i'm about to remedy real SOON) so i'm pretty sure i've missed an important chunk of gaming greatness right there. Life.

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The Witcher.

Played it initially, went "Yep, this is a Neverwinter Nights total conversion with four character models and terrible voice acting, adios" and didn't touch it for several years.

It was actually hearing Vinny talk about it that made me decide to reinstall and I'm glad that I did.

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I had the same experience with Halo. I always thought it was a dumbass bro shooter, but I played it a few months ago, and was surprised to find out that it's basically an action puzzle game that looks like an FPS. I still don't get the reverence for Master Chief as a character, though. He might as well be a silent protagonist. The story was... fine.

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Loads of games, its sometimes sad to miss out on the multiplayer for some titles but it's amazing to find a older game that totally grabs you.

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@tylerjacob: 11 years qualifies for ancient?

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Chrono Trigger, played it only a year ago.