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#51 Posted by Hizang (9358 posts) -

Boom Street is like the only game that came out this month (UK)..

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#52 Edited by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

Because quarter 1 is a slow time for all types of business not just video games

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#53 Posted by Jaalmo (1656 posts) -

@IIGrayFoxII said:

@OtakuGamer said:

  1. It's the month after the festive season which probably raped most of our wallets.
  2. Games that usually come out around this time are generally forgotten by the end of the year. Meaning no fancy awards or nominations.

1. Your wallet or video games does not have genitals for this to occur.

2 Mass Effect 2 was a January game (2010) that won quite a few awards, including Giantbombs game of the year. Dead Space 2 was also a January game that was recognized in their top 10 for last year.

Generally, there are some exceptions. I can't say that every game that has ever come out during this time was poorly received. Even then, if it was released around November it would get even more awards. You know why? Because the spotlight is brighter in November than it would be in January. January is a time of recovering bankruptcy and endless backlogs of games not a time of buying even more games.

and "decimated our wallets", I'm sorry if it confused you.

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#54 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1713 posts) -

We don't need every month to be jammed with new games.  People are already spoiled and getting worse.  Seems its more common to bitch and moan about a new game then to actually play it.

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#55 Posted by Branthog (5777 posts) -

@DXmagma said:

Because most kids are spending their christmas money on old games they missed.

Which doesn't really make much sense, since most gamers are middle aged adults.