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So Gamestop is offering $250 in trade in for a launch PS4 towards an Xbox One X this week and I'm really feeling the temptation to switch. The last few months have really soured me on Sony with all the hubbub about cross play and backwards compatibility but Microsoft has really stepped their game up. I'm not crazy about PS4 exclusives, I've already played through Yakuza 6 but the rest haven't really been interesting to me, whereas Forza Horizon 4 has been calling my name. Game Pass also seems like a great deal to me as well, and I'm definitely interested in playing some older 360 titles. Not to mention, this is probably one of the last times my launch PS4 will be worth anything at all. Is it too late in this console generation for me to switch and have it be worth it? Will I be missing out on any upcoming Sony exclusives? Anyone switch to Xbox in the last year and not regret it?

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As usual, it comes down to three things:

- Exclusives

- Do you have a gaming PC?

- Do you play a lot with friends?

Generally theres a pretty good argument for going PS4 if you have a decent PC, since almost everything exclusive to Xbox also comes to Windows 10. Mostly the argument that if you are going to maintain a PC and one console, PC/PS4 or PC/Switch gives you access to the most exclusives.

For co-op/multiplayer, the deal maker for me is usually whichever my friends list leans towards. But this really depends on how much multiplayer you regularly do, both are equally good in terms of service quality and matchmaking. For playing with random internet people, things like Sony's cross platform policy isn't super relevant (community is big enough on either place to fill matches) but that policy mostly seems to exist to frustrate people who just want to play games with friends.

And for exclusives, you never really know for sure, but I expect you will see more of what the last two years have had, Sony iterating its games with things like Last of Us 2 and probably a follow up to Horizon. I suppose the only real surprise/unknown in the pipe from Sony is Death Stranding.

As someone who subscribes to Game Pass, it's worth it if you would otherwise buy at least one of the games on it at full price each year, but its a service, and subject to change. It's great for games like Forza that get iterated annually, or that you typically only go back to the latest iteration of. Once Horizon 5 exists, I probably wouldn't be super concerned if they removed Horizon 4, as an example.

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I'm console only, no interest in the future of getting a serious PC. I don't play much multiplayer with my friends, I mostly either play single player or random matches of multiplayer games. The exclusives aren't too big of an issue to me, I don't really care about Last of Us or Horizon, but as a big Kojima fan, I would be bummed on missing out on Death Stranding (if it even turns out to be good, or is released at all). Really, all I'm looking forward to for games is Red Dead Redemption 2, Hitman 2, Doom Eternal, maybe Battlefield V if it turns out to be decent.

I feel like if anything my biggest worry is that I'll make the switch and then a year later, Microsoft and Sony's announcements of their next gen plans will make me regret it.The Xbox One X does seem like it'll have some serious longevity, but if a PS5 that looks really impressive will be coming out in 2020, I'll feel kind of dumb.

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XBONE X is $500 from Gamestop with no deals though, meaning you’ll pay $250 on top of your trade-in.

You’ll probably be able to pick up a One S for $250 or less on black Friday. Is 4K worth the same to you as being able to keep your PS4?

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@bruhaha: Dang, didn't think black friday deals would get that crazy. I'd rather hold off and think about it if I'm gonna spend the same money out of pocket then. Thanks for the heads up!

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@chocchipcamofan: Apparently it’s $259 starting tonight for a One S including RDR2 or $459 for One X + RDR2. I don’t think that works with the PS4 trade in for $250 though? There’s bound to be as good or better deals on BF.


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You have to want to play the games it has on that system...that really about it. Get what you want that does that and you are golden.