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That stream was so fun to watch. It was a good idea and tons of dumb fun. So, because a lot of friends were coming over to play games soon after I saw it, I figured we should copy giantbomb's idea. I loved it.

I opted not to do the really dumb funny "games" similar to guess the money in someone's wallet or think of a number between x-y, but still found as many video games to put in there as I could. I've got a huge library of games from bundled sales off of humble, fanatical and the like plus just all the stuff I've collected as it comes out/goes on sale normally. With a couple of purchases specifically for multiplayer stuff and some steam shares from some of the friends, I put together a list, installed everything, made sure they all worked and were setup to go.

The saltiness over some of the game picks only made me enjoy it even more. I kept everything 1 on 1 in whatever way you can do it: score, time, or straight up competitive. This was my list of games from that night:

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Type racer being literally just a website that will track WPM, it technically is doing it online against other actual people too. Heavy on fighting games of which I'm universally fairly terrible at but have bought a bunch recently for fun and a friend that is into them so we can play together. I tried to get as many as I could that weren't straight fighting games though. I went to my wii-u but couldn't think of much outside of my PC to add in.

I'm in the process of working on the next night's list of games. I have a couple additions I've purchased, but I also want to mine weirder off beat pc titles(see: pang adventures) or things that will work on past consoles I have that I didn't figure out the first time. We'll have more people this second time and I'd like to add more variety into the mix.

With a group of friends that not any one game is "the" game, except lethal league possibly after most of us fell in love with that, it's hard to put together any kind of real tournament that most everyone will have fun with or have any skill in the game. However I don't think I've ever had more fun with a gaming night than by doing a tournament like this.

One, I'd be open to any ideas for other off the beaten path stuff; obviously there are a ton more of fighting games or more versus oriented games but vertiginous golf is a good example of something a bit more random that sadly didn't get pulled the first night. Two, if you can and it sounds fun, TRY THIS! The second night is coming up this week for me and my friends and I can't wait to just see everyone and play games but also see what kind of random pulls for players/games we get.