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I'm working on a project that involved me having to decide two arcade cabinets that would be in a fictional bowling alley. It was kind of fun researching what all was out there nowadays, and I eventually settled on Tekken and Storm Racer. The scene led me to think that it would make for a fun topic.

What two arcade cabinets would you pick for your pretend arcade? Only pick two. I know that's really constrictive but that's half the fun of it. Go nuts as far as time period and availability are concerned. What would you choose?

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The first Metal Slug and Puzzle Bobble (i understand it's known as Bust-A-Move in the USA)

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I already have two, Street Fighter II and Capcom Bowling. But, if I could pick any two at all I think I would pick Crazy Taxi and a 4 slot NeoGeo cabinet. Of course that answer would probably change depending on what day I was asked.

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Some kind of rhythm game like DDR and a fighting game, probably Street Fighter.

If we're talking one to keep at home, I think a custom Ikaruga machine would be fucking rad.

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Bubble Bobble
Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa

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I'm sure that I played way more than one game, but whenever I think back to the arcade days of mine, I can only remember dumping all my coints into House of The Dead 1/2 machine.

...so I'd probably pick that at least. Maybe Crazy Taxi as well.

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Can I cheat and pick one of those Neo Geo MVS cabinets with like 4 games? No?

Well, I'll still say The King of Fighters '98. As for the other one... maybe a cocktail Warlords cabinet?

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No arcade would be complete without Daytona blasting through it. The second one would be Virtua Cop 2.

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Mortal Kombat 3

Mrs. Packman

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Sunset Riders. Galaga.

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If I could have any two cabinets it would be OutRun and Bubble Bobble.

I would kill a man for an OutRun machine.




Edit: I also love the Initial D arcade games to death, but they take up a lot of space. I wouldn't want one of those in a small arcade with limited floor-space.

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Only two?

If I were thinking as a business owner, Street Fighter II and DDR. The widest audience is hit there.

Thinking as a fan of arcade games, probably Gauntlet and Galaga.

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DDR (any of 'em) and... shit, umm... Initial D 4, because I like crazy cabinets, and a game where the controller is literally an actual car? I'm all over that. Don't even care if the game's good.

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MK II and Wrestlefest. Honourable mention to the Simpsons.

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DDR(any of the older ones) and a project diva machine.

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I'd probably put Ms. Pac Man and like Dig Dug if I was running a bowling alley and wanted people to use the machines (plus I love Dig Dug). Purely selfishly, then probably Third Strike and like... okay also Dig Dug. Maybe Hydro Thunder.

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I've replayed Metal Slug X enough times that it would be a good game for me to have in arcade cabinet form. The second pick is a bit of a tougher choice but I think Time Crisis II would be another good pick.

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Sega Rally for fun and Missile Command to remind you that there's no way to win.

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Vampire Savior and Neo Turfmasters

If I can cheat and make that a 6-slot Neo Geo, then also add Garou, Windjammers, Magical Drop III, Metal Slug 3, and Shock Troopers.

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Well for me it would have to be two games that can only be played in arcade cabs due to the use of rotary joysticks as I prefer that control method over twin sticks. Those two games, both from Data East, are Heavy Barrel and Midnight Resistance.

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Virtual-on and hydro thunder

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Point Blank and Neo Turf Masters

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My personal preference would be MVC2 and Hydro Thunder, but if I had to jam the entire arcade experience into two cabinets it would be MVC2 and Daytona USA. That's a cacophony that I assume is akin to the voice of god, in so much as it causes your ears to bleed and you eyes to boil. Like so: Gonna Take You For A DAYYYYTOOOONAAAAAAA

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I'd pick NBA Jam TE and very weirdly an arcade game I spent too much money on.... Jambo Safari

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TMNT Turtles in Time & Sunset Riders.

There are plenty of arcade games I might actually want more (especially since I've been delving into the MAME collection a lot in recent months), but I feel these are strong picks and my mind really settled on them automatically (and almost immediately).

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Either Galaga and Pac-Man, Galaga and Operation Wolf or Galaga and Battlezone.

I owned a Galaga machine, by the way, and am pining for it like a lost limb.

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I would most definitely get a Chunithm cabinet, because that is probably the most fun rhythm game I've ever played. After that, maybe a Virtual On machine. Heck, realistically maybe it'd just be a 2nd Chunithm cabinet.

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I've been trying to come up a solution, and I literally can't narrow it down to two. Wasted minutes thinking about this. Minutes!

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FIrst one is easy; a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 machine.

Second would be an MVS machine so that I could have wind jammers, KoF, SamSho and Shock troopers.

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My two would be Galaga and Burger Time. I have love both those games since I use to play them in my local mall when I was 10

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Rush 2049 and Pac-Man unless pinball tables count.

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@floydeo: Sure! Feel free to stretch this to whatever arcade-ish type things you might like.

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Robotron: 2084 and the Class of 1981 NAMCO machine with Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga in it.

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maimai and maimai ORANGE. Or two other random maimai cabinets. I created an off topic thread a while ago which started with me explaining the rabbit hole I went down. I wanted to play more maimai, so I wondered if you could buy a cabinet if you weren't a Club Sega, to realizing there are ways to do so, but it would cost you like $8,000.

I'll never actually do it, but I really love me some maimai.

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Burger Time and X-Men. I think that's a good mix of old and new, and provides a game for a group to play on.

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Aliens vs Predator, a very underrated beat em up


NFL Blitz so I can train to beat Jeff Gerstmann

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@floydeo: Sure! Feel free to stretch this to whatever arcade-ish type things you might like.

Well in that case, welcome to the Twilight Zone (pinball table). I'm keeping Rush 2049 though, and this is now my life goal to own these two machines.

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I think I would want stuff I could play alone or with at least one other person. I wouldn't want anything too hard, but would still have okay replay value if I got good.

Golden Tee (whatever is considered the best one produced in the last three years)

Blazing Angels : Squadrons Of WWII (sit down model with force feedback controls and seat.)

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That avengers game where Cpt America says "I...can't move!" and a pinball machine (Terminator or Theater of Magic).