Whats your Alignment and why?

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#151 Posted by Milkman (19304 posts) -

Neutral because I'm not a tool.

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#152 Posted by brukaoru (5135 posts) -

Neutral because I think each platform offers something unique and different. Also, as long as the game is fun I don't care which platform it's on.

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#153 Posted by ShadowKiller (914 posts) -

I have mine as Microsoft because my 360 is my favorite console. I still enjoy lots of other consoles and I wouldn't call myself a fanboy because I have a PS2 and a Wii but it's just what I like the most right now.

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#154 Posted by luce (4056 posts) -


because Yes.

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#155 Posted by TwoOneFive (9791 posts) -
WilliamRLBaker said:
"Microsoft cause its the main system i play right now."
more like, because you're a hardcore fanboy. 
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#156 Posted by TheGremp (2099 posts) -

Microsoft...  The 360 just fits me.  Although the PS3 has a few games I'd like to play.  Also, Wii fails.  I have one, and haven't touched it for nearly a year.

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#157 Posted by ninjakiller (3427 posts) -

Sony, just because I hate Bill Gates/Microsoft with the burning passion of a million burning suns. 

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#158 Posted by Giuseppe (148 posts) -

Neutral. I have the PS2 and Xbox. Right now I have an Xbox 360. But, I'm saving up for a PS3.

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#159 Posted by SlaughterX (24 posts) -

I'm honestly not a fanboy of any system or company...  I've owned a Wii (didn't care for it at all), and I own a PS3, butif asked which system I've enjoyed much this gen (and even last) I would have to go with the 360 (and original Xbox).  The SNES is my favorite console, but I haven't really cared for a Nintendo home console since then, and I feel the same way about Sony since after the original PlayStation.  Their ego got far too big and they haven't been able to deliver on what they promise since then, and the PS3 is just disappointing.

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#160 Posted by atejas (3151 posts) -

Lawful Good.

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#161 Posted by Hausdog (365 posts) -

I picked Nintendo because I started with the Nintendo 64 and have a big emotional connection to the company. Plus, thinking back on all the games I've played, it's frightening how many Mario titles there are.

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#162 Edited by Disgaeamad (1404 posts) -

Chaotic Neutral, as I support all 3 companies so long as their consoles have the games I want.

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#163 Posted by Lind_L_Taylor (4125 posts) -

Alignment:  Chaotic Evil

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#164 Posted by Snuffy (146 posts) -


Grew up with a SNES, got a Gamecube and PS1 but played the GCN at least triple as much.  Also had a GBC whilst growing up.

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#165 Posted by thiago (672 posts) -

PS3, because it is the best console out there. The Wii is a toy and the 360 is a piece of crap (factual evidence, the console breaks way too often and it is very low quality).

Since my money doesn't grow on trees I have to choose and the PS3 has not only the best games but also offers the most benefit of all consoles.

All those people that say they play games on "all consoles" are typical people of our generation. The idea of truth was lost and people these days believe that everything is a matter of convincing others. So they reach this middle ground to avoid confrontation, but that's not the truth.

The truth is that most games today are multiplatform, which means that owning both a 360 and a PS3 is just an statement of "I have plenty of money" because it is redundant. The 360 has very few good exclusives (I am not counting games released for the PC as "exclusive"). The PS3 has clearly the upper hand in terms of games, because you can play all multiplatform ones, plus plenty of excellent exclusives that you won't find anywhere else.

Buying a 360? No way. I do have the money, but I would rather spend it on something else or even save it. Buying a defective hardware without any interesting game is a complete waste of money and, as I said before, my money doesn't grow on trees.

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#166 Posted by TobyD81 (1299 posts) -

Chaotic good.

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#167 Posted by Tarakun (239 posts) -

I'm a PC Gamer. Because I like Mods, Mouse and Keyboard for my FPS, RTS games that play the right way, World of Warcraft, Steam, Free games (Trackmania, Gunz the Duel, I could go on.) I like consoles too, but my PC just has more for me.

HOWEVER, I want to point out that alignment does not mean fanboy. Just because you like something doesn't mean you have to be unhealthily obsessed with it. One of them is bound to have something you prefer. Even if its just because all of your friends have it. If someone rounded up all your consoles and told you to pick one company because they were going to torch whatever you don't pick, I doubt any of you would say "Surprise me."

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#168 Posted by Optiow (1785 posts) -

Sony, because I own a PsP and Ps2 which I love equally.
but I am basically neutral now, I have stopped with all the fanboyism.

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#169 Posted by Jimbo7676 (861 posts) -

Neutral good. Because I'm a good person but don't necessarily think that the law is the solution to thwarting evil. In fact some laws can be corrupt. I'm not crazy though so I'm not chaotic good or anything like that.

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#170 Posted by TheHBK (5672 posts) -

Straight, I like me the pussay... and oh, MS, cuz even though hardware failures suck, it still not as annoying as how fucked up the online experience with the PS3 seems, though I love me some blu rays.

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#171 Posted by konvikt (31 posts) -

Neutral. because i like alot of games from different consoles and still play all my consoles, i have like one console from each big company or whatever you want to call them

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#172 Posted by thiago (672 posts) -
TheHBK said:
"Straight, I like me the pussay... and oh, MS, cuz even though hardware failures suck, it still not as annoying as how fucked up the online experience with the PS3 seems, though I love me some blu rays."

2007 called and he wants his lame excuses back.
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#173 Posted by ElectricHaggis (626 posts) -

Neutral, because I have all 3 systems.

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#174 Posted by existentnighthawk (83 posts) -

PC simply becuz I gots meh pr0nz and teh gamez too. (JK... internet satire ftw....)

I guess the term fanboy is used loosely around me, or at least in my mind because I do not favor one system over another. They all have their strong points. I tend to favor the PC just because I am on it more, internet and whatnot. I love thing SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED for gaming as wel such as the XBOX 360 .Just the simplicity and the "pick up and play" whole deal. And you can just basically chill with your buddies playin the 360.

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#175 Posted by Kriz24c (2 posts) -

I like to think of my self as neutral I own all 3 systems and have a self built gaming pc and it really depends on the game as to what system i get it for (controls for say GTA or resident evil have to get on ps3, but tend to like my FPS on 360). They all seem to have there advantages and disadvantages over one another, just find it hard to say such and such is better then rest.

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#176 Posted by alexl86 (868 posts) -

MS, because it's the system I play the most games on right now. Last two gens it was Sony and the two before it was Nintendo. I usually go with the system I consider to have the best games at the time of purchase, or the system where I can get the most out of my money.

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#177 Posted by Virago (2566 posts) -

red because it's pretty.