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I buy at walmart and gamestop

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Where ever i find em and has deals like Posters or gift cards

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I usually go to Target or Best Buy just because I can trust that they have the games the day they come out. Sometimes Costco :P

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Target, but I do order a lot of stuff online from Amazon.

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GAME, for those outside UK GAME is a GAME store in UK, some pretty sweet deals..

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GAME, or gamestation, personally GAME beacuse they offer reward points when you buy a game which mean eventually you can cash them in for something which is excellent :)

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Best Buy and ebay

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#9 Posted by Callik (149 posts) -

Usually GAME and Gamestation (UK) in the pre-owned section. Or various internet sites depending on cheapness or a good deal.

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#10 Posted by Deculture (14 posts) -

Newegg and Steam. Fry's sometimes for hardware, rarely for games.

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#11 Posted by Vyse_Legends (490 posts) -

Mainly Gamestop or Play n Trade.

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#12 Posted by Silentassasin5k (29 posts) -

Mostly playasia.com, Amazon, and sometimes Gamestop.

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Best Buy, Gamestop and sometimes Toys R Us.

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Futureshop, BestBuy, and once in a while EB Games.

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Toys R us has a lot of games you can't find easily i've noticed and Gamestop is good only when I get those discount coupons on the emails.  Otherwise Ebay is great. 

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Best Buy or Gamestop.

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Manks said:
"Best Buy or Gamestop.
i wish there was a best buy where i live
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Mostly Best Buy and Circuit City, me and gamestop don't have the best relationship.

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Closest place to me is Best Buy but for midnight release's i go to Gamestop

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A lot of time I will check out places like Target and Wal-Mart for clearance and sales, but otherwise I will buy used from GameStop.

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Gamers, sometimes Best Buy.

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