Which of these games would want for free?

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Posted by lokihellfire2008 (160 posts) 9 months, 22 days ago

Poll: Which of these games would want for free? (232 votes)

Firewatch 22%
Super Hot 50%
Shadow Warrior 2 28%

Good old Games is doing a giveaway of the 3 games above (https://www.gog.com/10years) where the voted on game is given away for free on Thursday. I don't have any experience with the above games outside of videos so I am curious what your thoughts are on these options.

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Superhot is pretty amazing. I really like Firewatch a lot, but I think I need to go Superhot.

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Gotta go with Shadow Warrior 2. Superhot is awesome, but it's been given away a lot. SW2 never got the love it deserved.

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Firewatch is a walking simulator/wallpaper heaven and Superhot is a game centered around a well-executed gimmick. I don't think either are bad games - in fact, I've heard nothing but good things about them and I'm legitimately interested in playing Superhot one of these days - but Shadow Warrior 2 is a full-fledged game and it's going to take you more than two hours to finish it, so I'd say vote for that.

But you can't really go wrong with any of them.

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Shadow Warrior 2 actually seemed like a pretty involved sequel. Had co-op and stuff right? Probably that, seeing as I already played Superhot and ain't really interested in Firewatch.

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Shadow Warrior 2 is the only one I haven't played yet, it has the most longevity, and it still costs more than the other two, so I'd go for that one personally.

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I mean Shadow Warrior 2 seems like the only sensible choice here.

Like not to knock those other two games but all three of these are good and only one of them is $40 otherwise.

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I own and have played them all, Superhot is the best of them.
Shadow Warriors 2 is good, but kinda mindless, with a really weird cliffhanger at the end, in a bad way.
Firewatch is also good, but Superhot takes the cake in this one.

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I voted for Firewatch because I haven’t played it. Of the two games I have played, I’d say Super Hot is a great super stylized FPS puzzle game, while Shadow Warrior 2 is a good traditional FPS game in the vein of the 90s, but with modern graphics and gameplay.

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Super Hot is pretty awesome but a little short. If the value would hold anyone back from playing it then it'd be great for it to be free.

I already own it though so my vote went to Shadow Warrior.

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Two out of the three games are Polish/ plus I know people behind Super Hot (btw you should buy the game) but Shadow Warrior 2 is so much fun and you can play in co-op. You just cannot go wrong with picking it.

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I've got Firewatch and Superhot, so Shadow Warrior 2.

It needs to be Superhot, though, for the benefit of humanity.

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Super Hot was up there with Doom and Titanfall 2 for me, when it comes to shooters in 2016. Firewatch was a great experience, even if it had it's flaws.

But I already have both, so might as well vote SW2. I recall that it had hefty system requirements, though, so it probably won't even run on my PC. Probably not a loss, since I don't think I've heard anyone talk about it after it came out.

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SUPER HOT, I have it but I want my cheap friends to enjoy it.

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Super Hot rules, but it's short. Shadow Warrior 1 was really neat and I heard that the second was even better, so you can't go wrong if you're interested in gameplay. Firewatch if you just want free story.

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I feel like Super Hot and Firewatch have been a part of a ton of "so cheap you might as well," deals, already. So I'm hoping for Shadow Warrior 2.

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Shadow Warrior 2 won BTW. GO AND GET IT!!! https://www.gog.com/

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I don't even consider Super Hot to be a game, just a showpiece, Shadow Warrior 2 was a well-deserved win.