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#1 Posted by Claude (16657 posts) -

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#2 Posted by Claude (16657 posts) -

If you don't know how to do your alignment, go to your profile and click settings. After that, find alignment and choose, click save. Have Giant Bomb.

I go back and forth, but I've gone with the Nintendo alignment yet again. Old habits are hard to break.

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#3 Posted by hockeymask27 (3696 posts) -

Microsoft 4 life yo...

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#4 Posted by thesavage (81 posts) -

Definitely PC, between the aging consoles and the wii running out of steam the PC is really starting to outshine the other platforms. But we all knew this would happen, the PC always shines the brightest at the end of every generation.

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#5 Posted by UnrealDP (1262 posts) -

Ugh, making me decide between pc and Microsoft is criminal.....
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#6 Posted by Slaker117 (4873 posts) -

I just bought a PS3 about a week ago, so I changed from Microsoft to neutral.

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#7 Posted by HandsomeDead (11853 posts) -

Grey eternal.

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#8 Edited by cyraxible (707 posts) -

@thesavage: We aren't bound to such petty things like generations...

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#9 Posted by PixelPrinny (1076 posts) -

I like video games.

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#10 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

As of right now, Nintendo. BUT I'm not changing my color until we see what MS and Sony have for next gen.

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#11 Posted by MisterChief (832 posts) -

Chaotic neutral.

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#12 Posted by Dalai (7869 posts) -

I really should don the red name again, but I'm sticking with dull, ol' gray.

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#13 Posted by Marokai (3595 posts) -

Microsoft, but they're certainly not the most exciting at the moment.

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#14 Posted by Aronman789 (2738 posts) -

Lawful Evil

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#15 Posted by dungbootle (2502 posts) -

Neutral Neutral Neutral

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#16 Posted by kingzetta (4497 posts) -

all of them

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#17 Edited by FluxWaveZ (19835 posts) -

I like blue and I prefer the PS3. 
Doesn't mean I'm a fanboy, though. It's just the gaming device I currently own that I prefer the most.

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#18 Posted by HitmanAgent47 (8553 posts) -

Pc as always.

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#19 Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious (1679 posts) -

Neutral, but I find myself no longer playing my DS games and mostly only play PC and PS3. Really looking forward to the Vita as well so maybe it's time for a change. Sony is stealing my heart with Gravity Daze, Sound Shapes, Hot Shots Golf, Wipeout and Uncharted Golden Abyss being Vita launch titles.

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#20 Posted by thesavage (81 posts) -

@cyraxible said:

@thesavage: We aren't bound to such petty things like generations...

Not only that, but we aren't bound to mediocre gamepads either. Not to mention...ehh, never mind, this thread isn't really about what's better.

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#21 Posted by Mikemcn (8275 posts) -

I've turned to PC.

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#22 Posted by Video_Game_King (36564 posts) -

Given that I'm currently watching Futurama, I feel that this best sums up my alignment:

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#23 Posted by AjayRaz (12826 posts) -

blue is my favorite color so i put Sony 

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#24 Posted by Icemael (6865 posts) -

There are plenty of worthwhile games on all current platforms.

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#25 Posted by hoossy (1071 posts) -

my alliance can be bought

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#26 Posted by PillClinton (3585 posts) -

Neutral, dog.

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#27 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1713 posts) -

The Xbox 360 is my main gaming system. 

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#28 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

neutral, i'm not a fan boy all that much. i enjoy my games from xbox 360, ps3, and pc.

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#29 Posted by Claude (16657 posts) -

@iam3green said:

neutral, i'm not a fan boy all that much. i enjoy my games from xbox 360, ps3, and pc.

Where's the Wii? Poor sad thing of a console.

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#30 Posted by Kyle (2376 posts) -

Always neutral. Fanboys are assholes.

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#31 Posted by fr0sterson (68 posts) -

I picked neutral but right now I'm pretty low on Microsoft atm, I'm not a fan of Kinect so they've been pretty disappointing recently. So the Japanese peeps are my homeboys for now

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#32 Posted by Origina1Penguin (3524 posts) -

Always have been neutral. Even as a kid I didn't see the point of limiting myself. I just like video games; you know what I mean?

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#33 Posted by Romination (2831 posts) -

I like to say I'm neutral, but I've got a huge Nintendo boner and it's not going to go away until THEY go away.

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#34 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

Microsoft, I only current gen system I play games on is the 360.

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#35 Posted by Zero_ (2039 posts) -

Sony bro. Been a Sony kid growing up, just my style of games... plus, blue is a nice colour :)

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#36 Posted by tourgen (4568 posts) -

PC is kicking ass this year with the most exclusives and the best looking games. I still use the xbox for battlefield 1943 and the PS3 for Demons Souls tho.

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#37 Posted by ArbitraryWater (14914 posts) -

Lawful Evil. Err... Neutral. Because if a game is good enough, I'll play it regardless of platform. Provided I own the platform in the first place. I don't care how much ZombiePie loves the 3DO. I am not paying upwards of $70 for one on Ebay so I can play the definitive version of Night Trap.

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#38 Posted by ZeForgotten (10368 posts) -

Neutral still, I can enjoy playing games on all my systems.

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#39 Posted by buzz_clik (7513 posts) -

I love too many different platforms, past and present, to ever be truly aligned with anything. I can't see myself ever being anything but Neutral.

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#40 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -
@Claude said:

@iam3green said:

neutral, i'm not a fan boy all that much. i enjoy my games from xbox 360, ps3, and pc.

Where's the Wii? Poor sad thing of a console.

no, wii. i don't like nintendo all that much anymore. i bought a gamecube, i was expecting a great experience like the n64 but that didn't happen. i ended up playing my ps2 more than the gamecube. i never bought a nintendo thing after that. 
i think now only their first party games are good. i don't know, i haven't looked at nintendo things in a while.
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#41 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

Always have, always will be neutral. I love each platform for their individual strengths, though some I find a bit better than others. Ever since games went from passtime to a full-on collection, I let all platform loyalties slide.

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#42 Posted by Subjugation (4970 posts) -

PC never disappoints.

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#43 Posted by YI_Orange (1333 posts) -

Neutral. All the systems have their games that make them worthwhile.

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#44 Posted by MezZa (2875 posts) -

PC. I like all of the consoles as well, but if I can get a game for the pc that's my first choice.

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#45 Posted by LiquidPrince (16893 posts) -

I like all of them to varying degrees, but still prefer my PS3.

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#46 Posted by Seedofpower (4065 posts) -

I'm Lawfully Good but my party members complain when my reputation is too high so I picked PC.

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#47 Posted by HatKing (7303 posts) -

I'm neutral, but I only technically own a 360 and PC.  Not sure if that means I should pick one of them.  I'm considering it just because I think having a green name would look cool.  Why can't neutral be a cool color?  Why grey?  Why not... purple, brown or orange? :P

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#48 Posted by Hector (3547 posts) -


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#49 Posted by ImperiousRix (3095 posts) -

I'm by no means a fanboy, and I see good things in all platforms, I have to allign with Microsoft.  360's been my go to system this generation, and I'll probably stick with Microsoft when they finally unveil their next hardware.

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#50 Posted by snr0n (7 posts) -

Hate to be a fencesitter, but better that than a fangirl.  Even though I have the deepest love for PC, I've gotta admit every platform has its strengths and weaknesses.  FPSs and RPGs are usually a PC buy for me, for control accuracy and modability, but most other genres I'll probably pick up on a console.