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I have a bunch of keys for games i either already have or have no interest in playing that i got from various humble monthly or humble bundle purchases.

If you are interested in any of these games just send me a PM and i will reply for the key for said game. I would prefer to keep it to One game per person please.

Gauntlet Slayer Edition

Styx Shards of darkness

Tom Clancys Divsion + Survival

Just Cause 3 XXL

Regions of Ruin


Dead Island Definitve edition

The Dwarves

Hitman: Complete first season

Resident Evil Revelations

Sniper Elite

Sniper Elite V2

Gremlins Inc.

We Were here too



Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition

Shiness: The lightning kingdom

Acceleration of Suguri 2

Crazy machines 3

Running with Rifles

AER Memories of old

Laser League


Holy Potatoes we're in space

Lost Castle

Black the Fall


The norwood suite

Hiveswap Act 1

Seasons after fall



War for the Overworld


Shoppe Keepe

Tiny Echo


Flat Heroes



Space Run Galaxy

Uurnog Unlimited

Western Press

I know its alot.

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For the record, I have claimed the Dark Souls 3 key.

Thanks, Peleus!

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Claimed Deus Ex, thanks again!

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Got the Cursed Castilla. Thank you duder!

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Peleus gave me Elder Scrolls Online. Thanks

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Thanks for NBA Playgrounds

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Peleus gave me Outlast 2. Thank you duder!

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Thanks for Tomb Raider

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I've got Jalopy. Thank you very much!

I will do a similar Humble Bundle dump sometimes during the winter.

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Heart of Iron please!!!!

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@peleus kindly gave me Hearts of Iron IV!

(Very sorry, @kopcik--I PM'ed for the key yesterday.)

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Thanks for Kerbal Space Program, Peleus! <( ^ )

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Bear With Me is taken. Thanks!

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Thanks for Overcooked

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Hope you don't mind if I hijack.



  • Gears 1-3

Like Peleus, a lot of these came from Humble Bundles/Monthlies. I haven't updated the list in a while, so there are almost certainly a few more where these came from.

If you want any of these, PM me. Forewarning that if you don't have an established account with either a history of participation in the GB community or a premium membership, I'm probably not going to give you a key.

Update: I'll draw the line at 2 keys per person, at least for a week or so.

Another update: added a few more keys.

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Thank you for Kero Blaster!

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Added a few more games from some older bundles.

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Thanks for Tomb Raider!

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Thank you very much!

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Thanks for next machina!

Here are a few leftovers I have if anyone wants them


Grim Fandango


Dead Space

Banner Saga

Valkyria Chronicles

Chroma Squad

PM me, I might take a while to respond, but I'll get to it

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Thanks again

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I'll take this oppritunity to clean out some keys of mine as well. Pm me and I'll send back the key sometime afterward.

Overwatch (taken)

Darksiders 2 (taken, idk how to cross out on mobile)

Battle Chef Brigade

The Surge (taken)

Tales of Berseria (taken)

Sudden Strike 4

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Added a bunch more games from recent bundles

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@peleus said:

Added a bunch more games from recent bundles

If Hitman is still available, that'd be sweet!

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@peleus said:

Added a bunch more games from recent bundles

I wouldn't mind a copy of Sundered if that's still up for grabs, thanks!

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can i get the division?