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Just bought a 3DS with Pokemon Y and want to delve deeper into the console.

I have heard a lot of things on the bombcast about the e-shop, such as non transferable files and the like. If I buy Animal Crossing on the e-shop, will it be locked to the console?

Also, what other games should I get? I loved the old GBA Mario and Luigi games, but this one seems to be different from what Ive read. Is it still worth getting?

Thanks for your help.

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PuzzleSwap is my personal favorite game on the system. One to buy would be...Ocarina of Time 3D or Super Mario 3D World

EDIT: Super Mario 3D Land, World is the Wii U one

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Bravely Default looks like it will be good when it comes out. Maybe give Etrian Odyssey a try, I didn't think I would be too keen on it but it grows on you and is pretty great.

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Once you buy something on the eshop it is tied to the 3DS. You can transfer your purchases to another 3DS by using the system transfer feature but that only works if they can both connect to the internet. So if it breaks you pretty much lose all of your games that you download. Anyway I would say that Super Mario 3D Land is worth picking up. Shin Megami Tensei 4 is worth checking out if you want a tougher RPG.