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#1 Posted by K0rN (775 posts) -
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#2 Posted by Skald (4430 posts) -

No. Never. I quit one once, but that's it.

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#3 Posted by foggel (2779 posts) -

I got fired because of this financial thing that was going on last year. But that's not fired, is it?

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#4 Posted by skrutop (3812 posts) -

I got fired from WalMart when I was 16.  Technically, they let me quit, but I was straight up fired.  My boss was a douche.

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#5 Posted by Bones8677 (3490 posts) -

Fired? No. Quit? Yes. 
I quit because I knew I was going to be fired. Now I have the opportunity to rehire in in August. Showed them! You can't get rid of me!

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#6 Posted by Bones8677 (3490 posts) -
@foggel: That means you were laid off.
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#7 Posted by OmegaPirate (5642 posts) -

I quit 2 jobs and got made redundant when the business i worked for closed down 
Im walking the fine line between getting fired/quitting my current job, god damn recession keeping me employed though

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#8 Posted by Joeybagad0nutz (1498 posts) -

Worked one job for 3 years. No chance of them firing me now. I know how to do mulitiple positions at that job.
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#9 Posted by OllyOxenFree (5015 posts) -

I just quit once.  I don't think I'd ever be fired intentionally.

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#10 Posted by Evilsbane (5561 posts) -

I quit from a small Japanese food place because I wanted to wash dishes (16) and they made me a server and I just don't have the short term memory to do that kind of stuff, plus my Boss was someone I had known for awhile (Small town) and he doesn't know how to run a business to save his life plus he is a Real Life Douche as in Not just the evil boss thing but he really isn't a very nice person.

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#11 Posted by Th3_James (2613 posts) -

I quit some job because my employers where real douches 

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#12 Edited by crusnchill (871 posts) -

I was fired by a boss for telling her to Fuck off with her bolshy, PMS, bitch-fest attitude problems! And to go get some social coaching because she obviously had NO social skills of any kind.
 I mean, she'd basically had a go at my girlfriend, without talking to me about any issues she was having first, for parking on the employee car park with OUR(mine and my girlfriends) car for ONLY five minutes tops, whilst she waited for my shift to finish, to drive me home.
I mean, aside from the fact that I usually parked the same car in the employee parking spaces anyway, it was just too trivial for what she'd said to my girlfriend.
My girlfriend is bubbly and kind, but also shy, so if my girlfriend would've said anything of any kind on her first interaction with my previous boss it'd of been diplomatic in tone and she'd have tried to of made sure that she was on the customer car park within seconds, to not jeopardize my position at the company.
I just couldn't believe it when I got in the car after my shift was over, that I stormed back in and told her what I've type on my first sentance.
Then I told her "Good luck on finding somebody as qualified as I am for this position, and screw yourself, because nobody else will ever want to, you dried up prune!"
She's since been demoted. ;-p
Also, I'm generally diplomatic anyway, but this bitch deserved everything that I gave her.

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#13 Posted by Azteck (7416 posts) -

Never had a job, son.

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#15 Posted by CornontheCobbe (2693 posts) -
@crusnchill: I applaud you for having such courage. Good for you : )
I have never been fired myself.
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#16 Posted by teh_destroyer (3693 posts) -

I tried to quit my day job twice in my 8 years of being there because it can be such bullshit sometimes. When I tried to quit they would not allow it :/ 
So no, I have never been fired.

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#17 Posted by Warfare (1683 posts) -

Not yet.

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#18 Posted by SSValis (1196 posts) -

Just turned 19 today and I still have not found a job. I can't wait for the day I am fired so I can pretend the boss beat the shit out of me and then call security while pleading at the bosses feet!!!!!!

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#19 Posted by Qorious (882 posts) -

No, because I've never had a job before. I need one really bad though.

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#20 Posted by SteamPunkJin (1283 posts) -

I've been fired once before - to be fair I'd checked out for a couple weeks, I wouldn't say I was trying to get fired but I wasn't trying to keep the job either. For some reason it still sucked when they did it though, but in the end not that big of a deal - ended up with a much better job that I'm waaaay happier at.

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#21 Posted by oldschool (7641 posts) -

I was fired from my first three jobs - insubordination, insubordination and insubordination.  I have had only 3 jobs since over the last 21 years and was retrenched in the 2 I left.

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#22 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

No, I'm their only intern. They'd all die from coffee withdrawal, and overflowing garbages.

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#23 Posted by crusader8463 (14757 posts) -

No, i always quit before they could fire me.

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#24 Posted by Gamer_152 (14480 posts) -

I've not yet had a job so no.

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#25 Posted by AlexB (1052 posts) -

 When I was 16 I had a job a grocery store for about 2 months. It was probably the worst 2 months of my life and I was really depressed. The management was horrible; they "trained" me for about 20 min. and then let me loose. I  was a young kid, never worked before, and they expected me know everything. They were hypocritical douchebags at that. Long story short (if i explained it all it would be tl;dr wall of text) I filled out a time request sheet 2 weeks in advance to go to a concert, it got "lost", my manager accused me of lying and that I never filled one out, I went to the concert anyway and they fired me without any warnings, without writing me up or anything. 
To be honest it was probably for the best. It was one of the most negative environments I've ever been at and the next few jobs I had felt like heaven compared to it. (no I was not fired from those ones). 

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#26 Posted by YetiAntics (1520 posts) -

Nope. Always quit. 
When it was exactly what they wanted...
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#27 Posted by NathHaw (2854 posts) -

Got fired from a hotel job for not catching on quickly enough with the workings of the front desk.

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#28 Posted by JerichoBlyth (1039 posts) -

I quit a job as a student development coordinator for a University once...they basically gave me no training whatsoever.

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#29 Posted by spankingaddict (2940 posts) -
@extremeradical said:
" No. Never. I quit one once, but that's it. "
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#30 Posted by Burns098356GX (1368 posts) -

My position was terminated because of the economy last year...
My employment was: TERMINATED!

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#31 Posted by CL60 (17117 posts) -

No, I quit once.

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#32 Posted by evanbrau (1178 posts) -

Was made redundant by a cold heartless machine but I've never been fired for robbing shit or being an ass.

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#33 Posted by ArchScabby (5877 posts) -

I worked at a Smith's grocery store that I got fired from, but it was because my manager was a psycho.  No one could ever do a good enough job according to him.  He fired three people before he finally fired me too.

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#34 Posted by GreggD (4595 posts) -

I got fired from the Flow Team at Target because I couldn't keep up.

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#35 Posted by swamplord666 (1816 posts) -

I got fired from my first job as a camp coucilor at YMCA. By my kids standards and those around me I was a fun councilor... But I did get way too comfortable with the environment and pulled many stupid pranks and one rather embarrassing and stupid prank (still haunts me to this day how stupid I acted). I was 17, in a camping and games environment, independant and working with other really young people... How could I NOT act like a teenage douche! 
After having my parents drive me home (the camp was remote) and my dad basically ignoring me for a week, I take every single job professionally and do the best I can. Live and learn!

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#36 Posted by ToxicFruit (1913 posts) -

No but I have been close

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#37 Posted by captain_clayman (3349 posts) -

cant get fired if you never get a job

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#38 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6421 posts) -
@Azteck said:
"Never had a job, son. "
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#39 Posted by bjorno (1474 posts) -

i got fired for being too good at my job and making my supervisor feel inadequate.

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#41 Posted by Kenobi (597 posts) -
@SSValis: Your 19 and you never had a job?  Where do you live, is it hard to find a job there?
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#42 Posted by Everyones_A_Critic (6500 posts) -

I've had but one job, and I haven't been fired yet. 

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#43 Posted by HaltIamReptar (2038 posts) -

I once got a friend fired by accident.  Does that count?

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#44 Posted by jakob187 (22932 posts) -

Interesting how Jeff hasn't posted in here yet... 
Anyways, yes.  I was "terminated" from a medical record retrieval company for taking 15 minute naps at my desk, as I was working two jobs and tired as a muthafuck when I had to get to work at 6:00am for that job.  Of course, I argued it with the fuckheads at the company, as I also happened to do 3x-4x the amount of work that the rest of my team did, and they weren't taking naps.  They were all just stupid fucking gossip wives. 
I can't complain about losing that job.  You people may never know as much as I do how shitty the record retrieval and insurance business REALLY is.

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#45 Posted by TenaciousE (145 posts) -
@skrutop said:
" I got fired from WalMart when I was 16.  Technically, they let me quit, but I was straight up fired.  My boss was a douche. "
I hate walmart, all walmart bosses are douches.
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#46 Posted by HT101 (1652 posts) -

I quit from three jobs: once because I was going off to college and couldn't work for them anymore and twice because I hated working there and was finished with them.

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#47 Posted by GarrickGreathouse (69 posts) -

Laid off many times. As a Graphic Designer in Michigan (one of the worst job markets in the US), when the economy dips even the slightest marketing is the first to get cut.
I don't even get upset anymore, and I can always tell when it's going to happen. There's always a meeting with the newest members of the office, the boss, and his HR lapdog.

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#48 Posted by JJOR64 (19685 posts) -


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#49 Posted by RandomInternetPerson (823 posts) -

I got fired in a small indie game company,Cateia Games,for fucking with the bosses gf.Which is now my wife :D!Also,i started a new small indie company (that makes ad supported games that are f2p mind you) with the money from suing him....Thanks for firing me!

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#50 Posted by wwfundertaker (1534 posts) -

For coming in late once, i got the sack.