I recently discovered an album that has been sampled in many videogames. Can you help identify more?

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It all started when I was playing Metal Wolf Chaos XD. I'm fighting the final boss and to focus on not dying to pay attention to anything else. I end up dying and in that brief moment between dying and reloading, I hear it. "Radical rebel with a need to bomba". Those lyrics hit me and trigger something in my memory. I know those lyrics. Where do I know those lyrics? I had to stop playing and lay in my bed. I tried to think. What is the rest of that verse? What does the music sound like? I narrow it down to something from a fighting game, a song that was made by Capcom. Then I remember. Capcom released "Street Fighter III: New Generation Original Arrange Album" which featured remixes of the game music. Within the song, "Tomboy" is where I found my lyrics. Finding it gave off a wave of enjoyment for something so simple. But that just sparked me to find where those lyrics originated.

At the time, in August of 2019, a quick Google search leads to some interesting results. One result was the song "Put Your Faith In Me", another video game song. More searches lead me to this old Reddit post by u/Kn7ght containing a whole list of songs with just this one sample. My search for the sample would end shortly after with me sending a direct message to u/Kn7ght stating the sample was used in Metal Wolf Chaos XD.

I began to think about those lyrics again recently and I started my Google search again and found this youtube video. I thought it was interesting how it was just vocals, but searching the youtube channel lead to nothing. I then googled "Masterbits Climax 9: RAPsody". That is when I found the youtube playlist Masterbits CLIMAX 9 Rapsody (Vocals ll). I believe I finally found my source of the sample within the song Drama.

Listening to the whole album lead me to find a couple of other samples I recognized. I'll try my best with what I know to document some of the samples. If you know any, please feel free to help out. I'm skipping the first song "Demo Song" as it features many samples from the rest of the album.

Lyrical Paragraph

Sample at 00:30

Let It Go - Ollie King

Sample at 01:10

Shudder - Einhander

Sample at 00:10

Bonus Stage 2 - Street Fighter III 3rd Strike

Sample at 01:24

Fenrir - Ar Tonelico Melody of Elemia

Sample at 00:10

Pipotron's Theme - Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed

Knowlege my wisdom

Sample at 00:29

BGM 02 - WWF SmackDown! Just Bring It

Sample at 00:00

Needle - Capcom Vs Snk

Female Rap 2

Sample from 00:07

Let Them Move - N.M.R. Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix

Sample from 02:04

King of Fighters Maximum Impact Opening 5

Sample at 01:41

The Ark - Shadow the Hedgehog


Ultimate Weapon - Metal Wolf Chaos

Sample at 00:00

Put Your Faith In Me - Uzi-Lay Dance Dance Revolution

Sample at 00:00

I Know - Bust a Groove

Sample at 02:33

Tomboy - Street Fighter III: New Generation Original Arrange Album

Sample at 00:00

At Ease!? - Capcom Fighting Jam Music 1

Sample at 00:00

Stage 3 Music - Trash Panic

Sample at 00:00

Junk! Junk! Junk! - 10.000 Bullets

Sample at 00:00

Audhumla - Ar Tonelico Melody Of Elemia

On a Mission

Sample at 00:17

Stimulation - Capcom vs. SNK 2 OST

Sample at 00:00

Goin' Down!? (Speed Highway) - Sonic Adventure

Heey Hoo AD

Sample at 00:14

NAOKI - BRILLIANT 2U - DanceDanceRevolution 2ndMIX

Sample at 00:40

Run Through the Speed Highway (Speed Highway) - Sonic Adventure


Sample at 00:00

Unknown From M.E. - Sonic Adventure 2

Male AdLib 2

Sample at 00:33

Laugh & Peace - Vib-Ribbon

TV & Commercials

Sample at 00:16

Stage of Ayutaya Iseki - Capom Vs Snk Pro

Nostalgic Vocals

Sample at 00:29

Stage of Ayutaya Iseki - Capom Vs Snk Pro