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#101 Posted by DocHaus (2597 posts) -

Beal responding to an abysmal team performance in Utah by putting the team on his back and dropping a career-high 51 points to beat Portland. Only the third player this season to break 50 individually, along with LeBron and James Harden.

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#102 Posted by mems1224 (2071 posts) -

Wooooh boy, Harden popped off last night. He has been absolutely insane this year and Paul has been a wonderful addition. I hope they can keep this up for the rest of the season.

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#103 Posted by billmcneal (1063 posts) -

The Warriors, Celtics, and Rockets are looking really good. And I think LeBron's days in Cleveland are numbered.

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#104 Posted by Deathstriker (756 posts) -

The Cavs are struggling again. I think it's pretty clear they need a new coach (Fizdale?). Ty Lue allows the guys (other than Lebron) to be inconsistent and not play defense. I couldn't see Pop, Kerr, Brad Stevens, etc allowing that to happen and they'd probably have a way better winning record during the regular season. Lue needs to go and so does JR and TT. If they played defense and had a real shooting guard and center they'd be far more dominant.

I'm fine with the Celtics making it to the finals if the Cavs besides Lebron, Wade, and a couple others aren't going to try, but the main thing I want to happen is for the Warriors to not win again - just like I don't really care who wins the superbowl (I have a preference) but I mainly don't want it to be the Pats again. I don't think the Celtics have a shot to beat the Warriors right now unless they pick up someone else, so it's really just the Rockets and Thunder who have a shot, since Kawhi is out so much this year for the Spurs.

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#105 Posted by KingBonesaw (1013 posts) -

@deathstriker: Fizdale is a LeBron guy dating back to Miami so I could see the Cavs hiring him around the draft (before free agency) to try and lure LeBron to staying in Cleveland.

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#106 Posted by DocHaus (2597 posts) -

The Wizards seem to be defined by their competition on any given night: if they play a sub-.500 team, they check out in the second half and forget how to play defense or make passes correctly. If they play a playoff-bound team, suddenly they put their heart into the game (with possible exception of the last 5 minutes of the game). Good thing the playoffs will only have winning teams in contention, assuming Wall/Beal survive that long.