Some folks at IGN saw footage of that live action Sonic movie

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People at IGN saw footage of the movie and it all sounds strange and bad. I'm going to highlight some parts that stuck out to me but there are more in the full article.

We see Sonic’s POV as he races down the road and through the woods. We hear him say “Gotta go fast” as Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” plays. Tom finally catches Sonic as the latter is hiding inside a shed. Sonic just says, “Uhhh, meow?”

I know Sonic and gangstar's paradise were created in the same decade but it just sounds strange put together. This scene sounds like something the internet put together for a video long forgotten on youtube.

[Dr. Robotnik] arrives on a hi-tech chopper, flanked by a suck-up assistant. Robotnik (played by Jim Carrey) quickly puts a uniformed major (played by Neal McDonough) in his place, and then we see Robotnik greeting Tom at his home (“Good morning, my rural chum.”). The two then have an exchange where Robotnik says Tom was bottle-fed but he replies that he was breastfed actually. “Nice,” replies Robotnik. “Rub that in my orphaned face.”

C+C Music Factory;s “Everybody Dance Now” plays over a series of shots of Robotnik, with Jim Carrey doing his slapstick routine. Robotnik gets a latte from his assistant, roughs him up a bit, but the assistant is clearly in awe of him.

I don't even know what is going on in this scene. It's really weird to include a joke about breastmilk in what I think is essentially a children's movie. Then again, I guess if children's movies can get away with poop and fart jokes, I guess breastmilk jokes are fair game.

Other than that, everything else seems par for the course. You hire Nick Cage if you want full Cage and you want Jim Carrey when you want full jim Carrey. The scene still sounds worn out and dumb regardless.

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I already want a Film&40s.

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This sounds like the best of the worst either it's the Best B movie ever or just a bad movie.

Really breast feeding jokes in a kids movie..... sure?

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Tom the iconic character from Sonic lore?

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I love Ben Schwartz but this Sonic movie is going to be brutal. The big question is will it be so bad it's good or just wretched.

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The time for a live action Sonic movie was the Genesis era.

Similar to the bizarro Super Mario Brothers movie, the Sonic film should have been a coke-induced nightmare. Dan Aykroid would have played Dr. Robotnik is a role not too dissimilar from his performance as Dr. Detroit.

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he replies that he was breastfed actually. “Nice,” replies Robotnik. “Rub that in my orphaned face.”

wwwwhhhat?! That's just... no. No!

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“Nice,” replies Robotnik. “Rub that in my orphaned face.”

Aaaand thirty thousand Sonic fanfic writers are suddenly wondering if they have a plagiarism suit on their hands. (seriously though, what the actual fuck is that line!?)

Wow, this movie is going to be a trainwreck, and I couldn't be more excited about that.

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... There's really nothing shocking about a breastfeeding reference in a kids movie? Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street, Rugrats all had them.

It's barely good enough to be called a joke in the first place.

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I am more upset about the cartoon character in real world plotline.

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Why did you agree to this Ben Schwartz

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Seems like a perfectly well done adaptation of Sonic ‘06.

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thread not complete if you've not seen this

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Can a mod remove that spam link above me?

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Can we take something from Coolio's Gangster Paradise playing in the movie?

"As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I take a look at my life and realize there is nothing left..."

Potentially a Shadow sighting in the movie?

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He must needs kiss a human woman.

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I'm doing the Italian chef kiss to all that info. This movie sounds like it's going to be a fantastic, beautiful, horrible mess.

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The lines sound funny, but this movie is gonna be baaaaad....

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Why would you use Gangsta's Paradise when Fantastic Voyage is right there

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What a beautiful thing.

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Oh god... What monster have they unleashed?!

Real classy with a child-kidnapping-and-put-in-a-bag joke too. Also moustache at the end was spot-on.

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Holy shit that is truly the thing of nightmares.

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They really steered into the 90's skid, huh.

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Gotta admit, I snickered a bit at the child abduction joke. Marsden is like a poor man's Chris Hemsworth in that he is moderately unfairly attractive and pretty good at comedy. Cop freaking out and busting a cap in an unarmed "kid" while Coolio is in the background was a bit much though.

Sonic itself is: meh. Looks creepy as all hell but so do a lot of kids' things. Power seems random and purely plot based but media-Sonic was always The Flash in terms of nobody actually caring what his powers were. I don't like it, but it could have been a lot worse.

I think the most disturbing part of this (aside from the random Coolio usage) is probably Jim Carey. I am not sure if it is just Carey's bit or Carey himself, but late 40s Ace Ventura just seems like a pathetic dick. I know it isn't just the impact of getting older because Wick-Ted is still amazing from what little we have seen and Rhoday and Hill on Psych still "have it" with their obnoxious shenanigans.

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Sonic actually looks worse in motion than he did in those initial leaked photos. Robotnik at least looks okay.

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While I don't think the trailer looks great or anything, I do think it looks better than I expected it to. That said, I do expect the movie to be bad for the most part, but I still really want to see it(when it hits Netflix or something...not in theaters).

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It looks like they are pushing back the release date from November to February 2020