Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

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This looks really interesting. I haven't seen the comic but I am a fan of Jean-Claude Mézières and the work he did for Fifth Element also. I'm glad Luc Besson could bring this one to film.

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I keep wanting to like this a lot more than I do. It definitely looks like a spiritual continuation of Fifth Element which is in my opinion one of the greatest sci-fi/action films of all time. Yet each time I see a trailer for Valerian it looks kinda flat. Wonderful special effects but both leads lack the charisma of Bruce Willis or Chris Tucker (in the golden days of course). I think its just a little too much CGI, like absolutely nothing on screen looks real.

Hopefully it's good and I'll definitely go see it but my anticipation levels are lukewarm at best.

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I doubt it will ever reach what Fifth Element was, but I agree Valerian and Laureline seem unemotive....maybe that's part of their characters.

Just found an earlier trailer which seems to show more of the characters.

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This is definitely giving me some Heavy Metal vibes.

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As I do not enjoy the work of Luc Besson, I will pass on this one. Plus that guy from amazing spider man 2, is really creepy

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I get the feeling that not matter how good the source was, the movie won't quite hit that high. And, as apocryphal as it may sound I think a movie JUST about the character of Laureline would have been better. Let's be honest here, Cara Delevingne pops off the screen and she dominates the frame when she is on screen. The guys is a bit dull looking...maybe what his character is about...but she pops and he looks like dull.

The movie could be fantastic, so I have high hope. But, I'm pretty sure if there were action figures they would sell 3x as many of Laurelines and not so many Valerians.

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Visually it looks really cool. But it just feels like a heist/spy movie but in a sci-fi setting. Lately I haven't been into watching trailers. Maybe this one just doesn't do the movie justice? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

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Look at those Mass Effect 2-ass suits.
The characters are a bit flatish to me by the trailers so far, but it looks super stylish, as long as the script isn't dumb, that's fine by me.
I prefer a Fifth Element type of movie where it's BOTH visually impressive and it has characters I like.
But if this is just visually impressive, I'm okay with that so long as the writing isn't cliche and asinine. I can put up with some flat characters if the other two portions of the movie are strong/not rubbish.

The trailers might not be a good indicator anyways, maybe they are better in movie. I haven't seen much of Cara's stuff, but I've seen some of that Dane guys stuff, and going by Chronicle or In Treatment that guy can act. So I'm hopeful. It's been a while since there has been a great sci-fi ass sci-fi movie.

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Not gonna lie, after watch the trailer before GotG2, the only thing I though was "wow, this looks like it cost a lot of money, and is going to cost several people their jobs when it kinda sucks and doesn't make the money back." Always hope I'm wrong, and don't know anything about the source materials, but I could help but think more Battlefield Earth than Fifth Element.

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Teens(?) save the galaxy.

This looks expensive, and soul-less. Aliens talking about destiny and blah blah blah. But hey, I guess we'll see.

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I consider myself a fan of Luc Besson. Fifth Element, The Last Battle, La Femme Nikita, (and to a lesser extent Subway) are all great movies, Fifth Element being one of my all time favorite action films. But he has also made some real stinkers like Lucy and The Messenger.
I'm definitely going to go see it in the cinema and judging from the trailer I am hopeful it will at least be entertaining like most of Besson's work is.

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I want this to be good. I NEED this to be good.