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Poll: You ever actually video chatted with someone you've met online? (216 votes)

I have before and it was quite interesting. 48%
Nope never actually done it before. 35%
I have done it, but I regret it 4%
I don't feel comfortable with chatting with people I never met in person. 13%

For me I have video chatted with someone before, but it turnout the person was kinda nuts. Nowadays I don't like to video chat unless it's my friends, or people that I've met in person that I'm cool with talking too.

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#51 Posted by YoThatLimp (2317 posts) -

I married a person I had met online (and video chatted with, hah)

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#52 Posted by Flappy (2415 posts) -

Ayup. She's a pretty chill chick from Canada and I've been talking to her off and on since I was...13? It was a bit weird because I was hilariously dumb at the time, yet I was able to use anime/silliness/whatever in conjunction with my Brooklyn(!) accent to effectively communicate with a chick that was 3 years older than me. Now that we're both "grown folk," conversation comes easily.

Never really thought about sexin' her, but it's obvious that I messed up somewhere along the line if I'm in the minority. Thanks for ruining my night, GB! Buncha jerks...

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#53 Posted by mosespippy (4751 posts) -

Me, my sister and my roommate were playing rock band and we went online and ended up playing with one guy for like 3 hours. Of course, he only stuck around because there were two girls in the group. We video chatted afterwards and don't you know it, he turned out to be a super creep.

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#54 Edited by BleedingStarX (350 posts) -

Ive recently married someone I met online. Best decision of my life.

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#55 Posted by owack6 (314 posts) -

I am currently in business with someone i met online (through WOW), strangely enough we never actually video chatted.

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#56 Posted by falserelic (5770 posts) -

When I was ten I got this neat early digital camera (the kind that today would be like Sponge Bob or Dora colored "my first camera" for kids) that also functioned as a webcam.

The software was so archaic and I had Windows ME worse yet, but when Comcast came to town I could finally make use of it online, no more stupid AT&T EARTHLINK via Dreamcast LOL.

I used whatever search was big at the time, like lycos altavista lexisnexis dogpile ask jeeves, and found a web site where kids could download wrestling theme songs as .WAV files no less, and I wanted Owen Harts.

After downloading his Slammy Award era theme, not the "enough is enough and it's time for a change" Nation of Domination one, I went to check out the rest of whatever geocities type site it was, and made my way to the guestbook or About page. Lo and behold the chick(!) who uploaded those themes was barely like two years older than me! A female wrestling fan, a female that digs the sweet sounds of James Alan Johnston! The power of the Internet had been unleashed thank you Jesus!

Seriously, never in a million years would any girl in my piece of shit school ever share the same interests as me. I ain't even sure those pop-music idolizing bitches even ate food and shit poop rather used IV fluids and cigarettes to curb hunger. A whole different breed from me.

Now thanks to the World Wide Web, I might have the luck of at least having a pen pal romance even if she was too far to meet.

The problem, though I didn't consider it at the time, was what if there are a 1,000 other chubby wrestling geeks on that site, all mackin' on her, and two years older than her instead.

But I was confident, stayed platonic and WWF concentrated at first, making my way from Q&A on the guest book, to emails, to AIM chats, and finally, though her Stone Age parents wouldn't let her have a webcam, I started sending some GB QOTW worthy goofy "sweded" wrestling videos to her from my camera, then some serious ones about her life in Jr High and my home life and other interests. I found a friend for life, that born like five years earlier never would've been possible. Never fucking possible. Amazing.

So after a while I found out that she's gonna be vacationing on Easter break at a relatives house say an hour tops from Wilmington where I lived. After a lot of convincing on her part, with kind of helicopter parents, her Dad called my grandparents and came to agreement that her folks would pick me up and bring me to their brothers sisters in laws whatever house on the shore for the weekend.

We waited at the local JCPenny's for quite a while, and before cell phones I thought she forgot about me. My grandparents got tired and went off shopping, while I stayed on the benches still hopeful.

Thankfully her Dad came along eventually and all was forgiven cause the reason he was late was he was buying me a sweet championship belt and Kane shirt.

On the way I found out the whole family loves wrestling and Dad and his potential son in law chatted up about classic matches and favorite WWF Divas and so on. He was a cool guy, not strict at all, and he even had Sable's Playboy issue, he showed me LOL.

So we get to their in laws house, I'm super nervous, I don't want to look like such a geek, we go inside, Dad pours me something and says he'll go get Cara. I sit up on the kitchen stool chair.

He comes back in but she's not with him. I ask what happened, he said not to worry, how's the special soda. I started to cry and begged for Cara, he forced his arms against my hips and thighs pinning me to the high chair, I begged let me go, as he wrangled my Adidas track pants down and pulled my little c*** out from my fruit of the looms, and went "shh shh shh shh shh sweetheart" and began s****** me until a dry orgasm. Then he made me finish him off.

I felt such shame I never told my grandparents or police or anybody, plus he showed me his locker full of hunting rifles and promised me grave danger if I ever told. My grades slipped. I began spitting at and jabbing with pens the boys at school. I didn't lose my virginity proper till a prostitute I hired at age 23, the week I was contemplating suicide.

Don't chat with people on the Internet.

(Real or fake funny story non the less)

Though for me I really regretted doing a video chat. He was a person I voice chatted with for years back on my 360. Me and my friend would game with him all the time, and played fighting games alot. Till this day he is one of the toughest Street Fighter players I've ever came across. When it came towards fighting games he was almost impossible to takedown (Except for Tekken). The problem started was when he had these weird mental breakdowns.

All the sudden he starts lashing out getting hostile calling me an N word, removed me from the friends list for no reason, then later apologize and explains what happen. He told me that when he was a kid he got raped by a guy in a hospital. Ever sense he's been having mental issues and he takes meds to keep himself in control. Though I didn't judge him for it, but over the years it got worst. Now fast forward to where I started gaming on my ps3.

He invited me to his friends lists, but samething basically happen like it did on the 360. Except he's having more metal breakdowns, and doing stupid shit in general. Now this one day he sent me a video chat invitation and I joined. I didn't use my eyetoy at first, but he was having a huge breakdown. Basically his girlfriend left him ( Even though she cheated plenty of times) and he was getting ready to hurt himself, and that's when I used my eyetoy and video chatted with him to calm him down.

It worked and we started chatting about random stuff, and he showed me a picture of his girlfriend. Now I've chatted and gamed with her before, but I never seen what she looked like, and to my surprise she was a 50 something year old lady. He was in his 30s and she was in her 50s go figure. Anyway video chats started becoming more frequent, and he was telling me random stories about his past. Like all the fighting schools he joined, getting a blowjob while playing Tekken 6 with me from his ex-girlfriend, his weird sexual fantasy about chun-li, and just alot of weird random shit I didn't want to hear.

But shit hit the fan when he kept taking about how the world was going to end, and that I was going to hell if I didn't believe in Jesus. He started telling me about the rapture and Illuminati, and the secret agenda that the government has planned, but what pissed me off to an extreme was when he mentioned my brother. Now he knows my brother is dead, but he said if I don't repent my sins that I'm going to hell, and I'll never see my brother again. He then goes on to say that my brother wouldn't want that for me, and that I should do the right thing.

At that point I just had enough of his stupid fucking theories, and cussed him out then removed and blocked him from my friends list. He tried to send me friend invitations from his alternate account, but I didn't accept them. Then he kept sending me apology messages, and then I sent him one last message. Basically saying I wish you the best of luck I don't hate you, but I don't want to talk with you again, and ever sense I never video chatted with people I met on the internet.

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#57 Posted by ChadMasterFlash (1000 posts) -

I've never video chatted, but I've met quite a few people on twitch who I play LoL and some other games with on an almost daily basis. We talk on skype pretty much all day everyday. I'd have to say they've become some of my closest friends.

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#58 Posted by Capum15 (5699 posts) -

No, but I've voice chatted when playing games.

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#59 Posted by Fattony12000 (8272 posts) -

I'm watching you right now.

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#60 Posted by falserelic (5770 posts) -
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#61 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6421 posts) -

I've met people in person I've met online.....multiple people.

Kind of silly thread as "video chatting" is NOT the most personal people become with internet-met friends or whatever.

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#62 Posted by Fattony12000 (8272 posts) -
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#63 Posted by Azurath (352 posts) -

I have close to 15 people who I talk to extremely regularly through ooVoo and Skype that I met online. I talk to about 3 of them sometimes 6-7 hours a day while shitting around on the internet.

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#64 Posted by EvilNiGHTS (1169 posts) -

Met them in person? Yes. Video chat? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Yeah, usually it's the other way around.

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#65 Posted by Subjugation (4963 posts) -

Yup, I've done it and regretted it. The chick turned out to be moderately psycho and a level ten clinger. Never again.

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#66 Edited by fetchfox (1678 posts) -

Sure. Some good, some bad, but none like the stories I've read here. Damn.

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#67 Posted by jacksukeru (6563 posts) -

Don't think I've ever actually "met" anyone online, mostly just casual conversations or dumb arguments. Never forged any friendships or anything like that, I guess not being very sociable translates....aaaaand my headphones just broke, what the hell?

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#68 Edited by GreggD (4595 posts) -

Yeah, plenty. I wasn't aware that was an unusual thing? Never regretted it, and don't see it as that big of a deal.

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#69 Posted by Killerfridge (325 posts) -

This all seems totally crazy to me. I tried Omegle webcam without voice and was way too self conscious to get past like 2 minutes. Guess I'm just too shy.

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#70 Posted by big_jon (6433 posts) -

Yes indeed, also one of my best friends is a guy I met on XBL, we see each other about twice a year. He's actually a user on this site.

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#71 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3413 posts) -

I don't video chat, so no. But I have met people in real life who I initially met online, which is way more cool.

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#72 Posted by Rick_Fingers (525 posts) -

Never video chatted, but met heaps in real life.

Wife and I just had a lovely tour of the Yarra Valley with a mate I met through CS

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#73 Edited by Karmum (11515 posts) -

Actually yeah, like two months ago. A small part of me wishes it never happened. It wasn't awful by any means (actually enjoyable), but just...not something I try to think about now.

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#74 Posted by Aegon (7236 posts) -

@karmum said:

Actually yeah, like two months ago. A small part of me wishes it never happened. It wasn't awful by any means (actually enjoyable), but just...not something I try to think about now.

Something enjoyable you try not to ever think about?

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#75 Posted by CornBREDX (7198 posts) -

I have met many friends online and had many conversations.

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#76 Posted by Karmum (11515 posts) -

@aegon said:

@karmum said:

Actually yeah, like two months ago. A small part of me wishes it never happened. It wasn't awful by any means (actually enjoyable), but just...not something I try to think about now.

Something enjoyable you try not to ever think about?

I know it sounds weird, but I can still remember it like it was yesterday...and in a way it's a bit painful to think about. Enjoyed it a lot, but it bothers me. Yes, it doesn't make sense.

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#77 Posted by Coafi (1520 posts) -

I did a lot of video chatting when I was in high school with one of my best friends. I haven't video chatted since then, most of the people I meet think video chatting is for creeps and that makes no sense to me. I mean, I get it if you are going to video chat in someplace like chatroulette, but we have places where multiple people can chat in safe "no dicks"environment so I feel that's not applicable anymore.

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#78 Posted by psylah (2292 posts) -


No one must know that I am a dog.

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#79 Edited by jacksukeru (6563 posts) -

@psylah: Well the Cat's certainly out of the bag now.


Go get 'em boy!

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Yes and she not only turned out to be underage but some sort of sexphile it was pretty gross.