Pax Prime GB Panel

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Any word on when the GB panel will be?

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I don't even know that the deadline for submitting panels for PAX has passed, so there won't be word on a schedule for at least a month, or so. It's usually early August.

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Saturday, 8pm-10pm in the Sasquatch Theatre.

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If you're a fan of Giant Bomb (which you are) also check out

404ing It: Breaking (Down) The Internet

Saturday, 2:30-3:30pm - A panel that features Pax Wrestling Referee Pat Baer, Metal Gear (Drew) Scanlon himself, Rapper's Delight Mary Kish, and Nightmare Factory Eric Pope. Its a great time with a beautiful curated selection of the best things on the internet that panel has seen and its a good chance to see what your favorite Giant Bomb staff/friends find interesting!

Also, go to the giant bomb panel or whatever.

@patbaer said:

Saturday, 8pm-10pm in the Sasquatch Theatre.

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Hey guys,

Apologies if this is somewhere else but has the Saturday GB Panel been posted yet?

I can't seem to find it.