Need some opinions.

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Im building a gaming pc and my budget is 2800$. I have my build and the money but I would just like to know is my build too much or is just right for something I wanna have for a long time and to have for top tier games in the future.


I plan on upgrading it so I know the PSU is a bit overkill but its just so I wont have to change it later, unless it breaks.

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Unless you have some very specific needs for all of that power I would say you could make some significant cuts with minimal loss in quality. Get a GTX 970 over the 980 seing as you're not gaming at resolutions over 1920x1080. I have a GTX 770 and it is still doing some solid work. For the processor I would get something in the i5 range, perhaps the 4690k or even a 4670K, just in case you want to overclock it. RAM does not need to be that expensive. As long as you get a well known brand with the clock speed and capacity that you want, you should be golden. I would consider these chips instead.

With these adjustments you have just saved around $500 ($300 on the GPU, $100 on the CPU and $80 on the memory). That right there is a brand new GPU in a couple of years when your old one is getting long in the tooth. All the other components should age very well. CPU's don't really degrade anywhere near to the same extent as GPU's.

Take a look at logical increments and see if there are some adjustments you would like to make.

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I might downgrade the GPU but the PSU and RAM Im keeping cause I plan on running servers for friends and editing/streaming. But Ill definitely look into the 970

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Any reason your not going with the newer Intel cpu's and boards with ddr4 memory? I would go for the newer boards so it's easier to upgrade in the future. The 980TI is definitely overkill for 1080p. Not sure if your going for a smaller build, but at 120bux i would go for a full tower to make sure everything fits if not i would look for something cheaper than that for a mid.

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Also, just to add my $0.02 , the liquid cooling seems like some crazy overkill unless you plan on doing some serious overclocking. I've got a similar system (at a slight step down on every step). GTX 970, 24GB RAM, I7 4770, and a simple CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo keeps my tower cool even at sustained 75% for distributed computing without ever going north of about 70C, which is more than cool enough to make your shit last a long, long time. All at about 30-40% of the cost of your liquid cooling.

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Id go for a SKylake build but its so expensive right now and a bit overkill for stuff atm. And I plan on upgrading my monitors in the future to 4k so I dont mind the 980ti being a bit much. I prefer watercooling over fan but thats just me, either would work but I prefer water. From your guys opinion Ill probably go for the 970 and not the 980 and a possible downgrade or upgrade on the CPU. Thanks for the tips guys, only my 2nd time building a real beefy PC and this one is for myself so id like it to last me a few years and to run smoothly.

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@gez_: When are you gonna buy these 4K monitors? There is really no point in buying a GPU now with 4K in mind if it's still a ways off. Get something that's a bit cheaper and upgrade your GPU when you buy the monitors. At that point GPU's are probably way better at 4K gaming than even the beefiest of 980's are at this point. Future proofing is pointless as there will always be something better on the horizon. Buy for what your needs are today, not tomorrow.