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Come on guys, you know you want it.

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You can't upscale 3D graphics from the Playstation 1 era with out them looking like garbage.

Unless you mean like a quasi-remake like Tony Hawks HD? Then sure I'd be on board with that.

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Meh, I think I'm satisfied with the PS1 versions of them that they already have on the store. PSN Plus users got them all for free, but I haven't gone back and played any of them yet.

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They would have to be remade. A PS1 game can't be upscaled because...well, it's a PS1 game. Imagine this upscaled;

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I mean it would ok but...man. And remember how PS1 textures used to warp every time you moved? It would just be way to hard to do and it wouldn't look good.

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if they completely re-did all the graphics (but with a similar style) but kept the levels pretty much the same i'd be more than down for that.

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I obviously mean if they did it right.

"Come on guys, I want a half-assed port of a classic game!"

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I just put my PS1 disks into my PS3 drive, and the game appears. I don't really need an HD remake. 

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We could start a petition... :/ Sorry for that, I just thought I would be the first to joke about it in this thread.

I would absolutely love to play my Spyro games again with updated graphics and whatever comes with these HD Remixes, BUT not if it means I have to play with crazy crackhead motherfucker Spyro. I want the OG, nice Spyro who can't fly, but can skateboard because I liked that shit.

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I'm down with that. I LOVED the Spyro games back in the day, some of my favorites.

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They are now!

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