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Okay so I've been messing around with Jin and a few of other similar characters like Devil Jin, Kazuya and Heihachi you know all the guys that have the netrual dash move of Forward , Netural, Down , Down Forward right?

And for some reason some of the moves I'm having the dumbest time pulling off. Instead of doing the move I'll end up doing their while rising kick or punch move. Its really weird and I'm guessing it has to be a timing thing but its really driving me mad. Especially when I can do a dragon uppercut with Jin but then switch to Heihachi in training try to input the same thing for him and for some reason I'm getting Heihachi's while rising punch instead.

If someone who is more knowledgeable about tekken here could help me out on figuring out why I'm botching these moves. I'd REALLY appreciate the help.

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I believe (don't quote me on this) that the input for those moves, specifically electric wind god fist, is a just frame. I.E it's a 1 frame input window, so the timing has to be very precise. Regular-ass wind god fist is not nearly as strict, though, it's still a bitch if you're not used to it. Do you play on a stick or a pad? I've sort of figured kazuya's shite out on the pad. If you have it on PS3 we could jump into training mode and figure it out TOGETHER.

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@demoskinos: It's hard to say without seeing it. I'm pretty sure this isn't your issue, but first I would make sure that you were Wave Dashing correctly. Just do them naked and make sure you're consistently getting the animation. I haven't played TT2 yet, but another thing is that in certain games, some attacks out of Wave Dash would only come out if you continued to press and hold DF when inputting the attack button. If you released DF then input the attack, you would just get a while rising move. This was typically for kick attacks though, IIRC.

The windows for Dragon Uppercut and Wind God Fist have always been pretty wide though. You can input the button at almost any point during the Wave Dash animation.

Oh, another thing I just thought of. This isn't a motion like Street Fighter where you can buffer the directions during a previous attack. The Wave Dash motion can't be started until you're in neutral state. So say you were doing two Wind God Fists together. First you would do F * D,DF,RP, then you would have to wait until your first attack was completely out of recovery frames, then input the next F * D,DF,RP. Basically if the first F of the Wave Dash isn't making your dude take a step forward, it doesn't count. As above, if it's in a combo, I'd do the attacks up until the Wave Dash, then just Wave Dash naked without any attack inputs to make sure it's coming out.

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@smokeyd123: Yeah, EWGF is a just-frame attack, but it sounds like he's having problems getting the regular WGF consistently, and that has like a 30-frame input window during the Wave Dash.

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@demoskinos Try inputting it like you would a Shoryuken in Street Fighter (Forward, down, down-forward punch) but go through the motions slowly. Be sure that your stick (or dpad) is going to neutral (as in, you're not pressing a direction) between the forward and down. Once you've got that down, practice doing it faster and faster and you'll be able to use it in actual matches.

Try to keep that knowledge of getting those while standing moves though. Those are actually really beneficial for mixups in this game.

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@starvinggamer: Well, I've been sitting here in training for about 15 minutes doing wavedashes over and over. Kazuaya WGF and uppercut I can pull off every time, (I could do them pretty well before) hell, I've even gotten some EWGF in there, but I can't hit ANY of the kicks no matter how hard I try. I've tried all different timing windows, nothing works. No idea what that's about.

EDIT: Never mind, I read the first paragraph of your previous explanation. Holding the directional input makes those come out easy. Don't know why that's not included in the command list notation.

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@demoskinos: Assuming you mean that with Jin you are getting the Electric Wind Hook Fist (input forward, neutral, down, down/forward + right punch), and with Heihachi you are getting a Wind God Fist (which looks just like the electric version, but without the electricity). The way they judge if you get the electric or not, is based on a just-frame. This means that in the motion (forward, neutral, down, down/forward + right punch), they are checking if your down/forward and right punch are input on near the same frame of input.

As easy as I can put it, when you do the motion, down/forward (the diagonal) and right punch must be input as near to each other as humanly possible. Jin's just-frame electric has a pretty lenient input window, you can be off on the just frame by probably ~7 frames and still get it to come out. Devil Jin and Kazuya's are less forgiving. Heihachi's is the LEAST forgiving, and is the hardest to get the electric version.

Hope this helped, feel free to ask me to clarify anything that doesn't make sense.

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@itwastuesday: No, his problem is that with Heihachi he's getting Quick Iron Fist instead of Dragon Uppercut.

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Oh hey! Responses! Ha. Well I did figure out my problem. I think I was hitting forward by accident after hitting down,down forward. After holding the DF for a few frames I was able to get all the moves to come out.