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Let me know if you want to buy any of these, we have a special giant bomb themed car coming in the future so keep your eyes peeled.

 Specifically tuned for online competition on Maple Valley, a track traditionaly dominated by the Honda NSX-R, this fairlady can consistently pull out 1.27.750s and during testing, our drivers best time was a 1.27.477. What this car lacks in top speed, it makes up for with perfect handling on Maple Valley.

Car: Fairlady Z Version S

Price: 250k


Tune: PokerDaddy2K8


Car: Volvo S60

Name: The Dark

Price: 400k


Tuner: PokerDaddy2k8


Mugello: 1:50.264 (#585)

Mugello Short: 56.010 (#520)

Suzuka: 2:03.040 (#710)
Suzuka East: 48.766 (#513)
Maple Valley Short: 37.591 (#556)
Road Atlanta Short: 54.162 (#226)

Car: Scion tC

Name: Nails 00

Price: 100k

Tuning: C class short tracks and test track hotlapping


Russels Viper Reverse 40.079 #446 and #1 Scion!

Death Adder Reverse 41.643 #495 and #3 Scion! (only .077 seconds behind #2 Scion and .277 behind #1 Scion)

Tsukuba short 46.474

Suzuka East 55.048

Atlanta Short: 1.03.333

Car: Evo X

Name: Rigged Deck

Price: 250k

Tuning: S class short tracks


Tsukuba 52.255

Tsukuba Short 40.277


Car: Audi S4

Name: Ace of Chicanes

Price: 320k

Tuning: S class medium to long tracks with lots of straightaways

Times: Suzuka West 1.11.455     #204

           Motegi  1.48.753            #425

           Motegi East  1.17.953    #234

           Sebring Club 59.820      #424


Car: Dodge Charger

Name: American Dream

Price: 400k

Tuning: A850 New York Circuit hotlapping an online use


New York 55.475 #603

New York Reverse 55.665 #302


Car: Chevy Cobalt

Price: 250k

Name: Fish n Chips

Tuning: B700 grip car


Tsukuba 00:57.000
Laguna Seca 01:29.647
Suzuka West 01:21.934
Mugelo 01:56.590
Road Atlanta 01:28.027
Sebring Club 01:08.841
Silverstone National 01:26.323
Maple Valley 01:33.231


Car: Audi TT 07

Price: 250k

Tuning: B700, great alternative to Mugen Integra

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