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    Forza Motorsport 2

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released May 29, 2007

    Forza Motorsport 2 brings Microsoft's racing sim series to the Xbox 360 with new tracks, new cars, and an impressive livery editor.

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    Gramview: Forza Motorsport 2 0

    As Forza's successor I must say that they nailed it with Forza 2. And ensuring a place next to the great racing-games. With the more GTA-like approach they know to stay true to the actual dynamics of driving. If you're a "driving freak" or the casual "let's drive a lap-type of guy". No doubt that Forza 2 is a nice addition to your collection. The first thing that really caught my attention are the dynamics, the handling and reactions of the cars. It pulls you straight in the drivers' seat, makin...

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    Forza 2 0

    I popped in Forza 2 at the begging of the week. Yeah, I'm late to the party, but who cares?In short: Forza 2 is awesome. The graphics are great, the sound is stellar, and the controls are solid.I had never played a realistic racing game before - my prior experience had been strictly limited to arcade racers -and Forza 2 is a great way to jump into the genre. At first realism took some getting used to: I had to break around every corner, hitting other cars would damage the performance of my own c...

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    A simulation racing game may not be what need for speed fans want 0

    Gameplay: I have played the first forza motorsport on the original xbox and I wasn't interested in the game since its a simultion racing game and its not my taste I like more need for speed type games. So i've played this forza motorsport and I was impressed at how many cars theyre are in the game its quite surprising the amount of choices you can make all with customisation and the vinyls you can apply on your car. Another good thing is that you can sell your perfectly made car on the Auction h...

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    The Best Racing Simulator On Xbox360 To The dated 0

     The Best Racing Simulator On Xbox360       Forza Motorsport 2 is a realistic racing simulator on the Xbox 360, the sequel to Forza Motorsport (Xbox). The Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel was developed alongside Forza 2 and is designed to work with the game.Most cars in Forza 2 can be visually customized with both aerodynamic parts as well as graphics. 1,000 layers of graphics can be created with the livery editor to draw shapes, letters and pictures onto a car. According to the develope...

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    Some good things, some great things 0

    I'll skip the rambling about the history of the game, how many cups of coffe the developers consumed creating it and all that nonsense and get straight to the important bits you want to know.Is it any good?Yes. Is it worth buying? Absolutely.Having played a few racing games in the past, I'll go right ahead and claim it's one of the better out there. Compared to Gran Turismo 3 and 4 on the PlayStation 2 it's not lacking in any department. Oh, maybe in the number of cars, but I'd say they have all...

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    The new Gran Turismo? Perhaps. 0

    In the world of racing games, few developers have even tried to create realistic simulations. Today it seems to be all about fluorescent green Honda Civics and nitrous kits. Until the release of Forza Motorsport for the original Xbox, Gran Turismo, the 'real driving simulator' from Polyphony Digital was the only racer that tried to encompass every different type of competitive driving under the sun. Turn 10 Studios changed that, creating a compelling racer with awesome graphics and great damage ...

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    Forza Motorsport 2 rocks! 0

    Forza 2 was on my wishlist from the start, the first game was excellent and this one does not waver from the track. With an imposing 300+ car list, almost flawless graphics and great tunes and tracks, this game is a must own for car racing fans.FM2 gets you right into the car racing vibe with modern day tunes hitting you at the menu screens. When you start the game, the realistic sound of the car engine roars in your ears. The cars are near real life, all 300 of them as close as a game can get t...

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    Forza Motorsport 2's most addicting aspect is collecting the cars 0

    Forza Motorsport is a sim racer for the Xbox 360. I haven't really dug deep into the racing game genre, having only played Need for Speed Most Wanted and Burnout Revenge up until this point, but I can definitely see that Forza 2 has some real quality. The racing engine is tight, but the most addicting aspect to this game is building up a collection of cars, and painting them. RacingThis game is sim racing at it's very best, with only games like Gran Turismo rivalling it. The racing engine is hig...

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    It's All About The Cars... 0

    In the Forza world it is all about the cars. In this sequel to a very solid racing sim, Turn 10 improves on the formula they surprisingly nailed from the get go. This time however, there is the strong pull of achievement points, leveling up and playing CARPG that pull you through the 50 some odd hours it takes to get through the career mode.There are hundreds of cars ranging from slow production cars to the fastest elite racers in the world from all parts of the globe. Cars are either won or pur...

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    Takes very well advantage of the 360 hardware 0

    ProsCar damage is done very well Excellent amount of cars and tracks Online is fun and adds to replay value Car customization is excellent and also adds to replay value Buying cars, etc online works well  Taking screenshots feature works great ConsOnline can be quite laggy PresentationMenus work great. No cut scenes or anything like that.3/5GraphicsCar models are pretty good, as well as the environments and race tracks. 3.5/5GameplayProbably the best racing sim i've ever played. Very realistic...

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    Don't pull...squeeze the trigger (brake). 1

    After making it’s debut on the Xbox a little over two years ago, Forza Motorsport is back on the Xbox 360 and it doesn’t disappoint. Forza Motorsport 2 takes what was great about it’s predecessor and enhances it, making this game a joy to play for racing-sim fans and arcade-style racing fans alike. It’s even great for someone who doesn’t play racing games very often. Strong Points: Driving feels excellent and realistic. Presentation is seamless. Xbox Live integration is wonderful. Customizatio...

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    Forza 2 is a very challenging and addicting racer 3

    Forza Motorsport 2 has everything a gamer could dream of all packed together into one racing game, from it's very deep career mode to it's ever popular online mode, Forza 2 stands alone!Forza 2's gameplay is outstanding. The AI is very fun and challenging to race with, especially as you progress through the career mode, and will occasionally make mistakes like getting into eachother or driving off course. They also can be aggressive at times, by pressuring you from behind or making it hard for y...

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    More like Forza 1.5 but still great. Wireless Wheel is a must! 0

    Played the game with the following settings >- Manual- All Assists OFF- Full Simulation mode - AI Medium- At Level 47 when review was written~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What was GIANT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- Gameplay > It's a great racing sim and that's enough for me!- Wireless Wheel > is a must-have. I tried playing with the default gamepad, i got bored after a single race and it's so for...

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    Ballsy to Say, But it Equals Gran Turismo Series. 0

    While setting a game on par with the Gran Turismo series may be a ballsy call, I'm going to go ahead do it.  With FM2's high level of customization it provides what I believe many gamers want from a racing game.  The paint and decal options are nearly limitless when it comes to customization.  Getting to the most important part of a racing game; the racing, FM2 is nothing short of stellar.  Driving psyhics are phenomenal and the graphics were made to match.  I was suprised to see that at the tim...

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    Sticky tarmac 0

    To start off let me say that I’m a big fan of the Forza Motorsport franchise. And Forza Motorsport 2 didn’t make me like it less.GraphicsOn the graphic side Forza Motorsport 2 is a beautiful game, bit while looking realistic it also looks a bit cartoony compared to a newer game like Gran Turismo 5 Prologue on the PlayStation 3. All in all a very good looking game, that cares for the details of the cars and the surroundings.AudioThe music soundtrack is not memorable but just okay. The in-game sou...

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    Forza 2 delivers. Fans of Gran Turismo should feel right at home. 0

    The good: Intelligent AI unique to each driver, damage modeling affects car behavior, well rounded variety of cars, excellent physics model, gameplay options make it suitable for all types and levels of drivers, car customization, integrated website to show off in-game photos The bad: Limited body mods, limited vinyl shapes and manipulation options - especially with groups, leveling system plays out more like an RPG rather than focusing on skill, range of AI skill levels and car classes in a si...

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    Forza Motorsport 0

    Forza Motorsport 2 is the latest addition in the realistic but fun Forza driving series. Unless you are a serious collector, i recommend buying the standard edition because the limited edition that i bought only gives you three extra cars (which are pretty bad) and a booklet which contains some information on the game, which i don't think is worth an extra 10 pounds. The game is very good in the way that it is very realistic (although sometimes cornering at such high speeds seems a bit dodgy) an...

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    Forza Motorsport 2: Stole My Life Addition 0

    It’s been over a year since the release of Forza Motorsport 2 I can say, unequivocally that it is my favorite racing game of all time. And, for what it’s worth, the best sim racer ever made. It’s a game that cannot be summed up by simply reading the list of bullet points on the back of the box. That isn’t to say other games in the genre pale in comparison. There happens to be a lot of competition among racing games. These are the kinds of games that could never have existed before Gran Turismo 3...

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    Forza 2 "good sim, wit some faults" 0

    Well let me start off by saying i love this game and I am a professional online racer with it.So Forza is Microsoft studio's answer to grand turismo. Its an in-depth simulation racer. The game has a few perks over grand turismo. The two most obvious being Xbox LIVE and damage. The Xbox LIVE element is well implimented with the online auction house and the several tracks and modes including series races.In a online career lobby  the credits you earn for winning or coming in a close second through...

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