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This intoxicating strategy game is loads of fun. 2

Taking one glance at Frozen Synapse will immediately reveal the focus of this indie-developed title. This is clearly a deep and challenging top-down turn-based strategy game that's all about finess, wit and the ability to predict your opponents next move, all before the outcome of your choices are played back right before your very eyes. Though it may look overly subdued and complicated, rest assure that this strategy gem is an absolutely intoxicating experience that...

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Frozen Synapse Review 0

Mode7 creates the most eye-pleasing, strategically diverse game you’ll play all year. The story is thin, but you are on the good side of a good vs evil battle that requires a lot of tactics and staying one step ahead of your enemy to succeed.From the moment you start Frozen Synapse, you are treated to a neon blue that is visually appealing. The graphics are beautifully simplistic. There’s nothing wrong with that, the game gives only what you need to see without any clutter and it’s gorgeous for ...

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I am the master of clicking on stuff! 0

You get game requests a lot if you log onto the right server.The plan's perfect. You've run your units through it a thousand times, checking for any openings your opponent could use to dismantle your attack. There's nothing more to do -- nothing except prime your turn and watch the events unfold. In the seconds between, anxiety starts building. What if you missed something? That rocket launcher might be able to get a rocket off before that shot-gunner of yours is able to reach him. And what of t...

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Casually hardcore 0

I'll be reviewing this game from the perspective of a guy (me) who is very much into tactical gameplay over twitch based gameplay. I'm more into ArmA than I am Call of Duty, and I like iRacing more than I like Burnout, and I like Dragong Age 1 more than Dragon Age 2.  Reason I mention this is that it's pointless to trust a review without knowing where the reviewer comes from in regards to his preferences.   So, I've been playing Frozen Synapse since the beta, on and off, and although the main po...

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