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Gamera is a Japanese turtle kaiju; a giant, Godzilla-like monster that, like Godzilla himself, starred in a number of movies that saw him battle other kaiju. He first appeared in the 1965 black and white film Gamera, The Invincilble, in which the world governments and Japanese military struggle to find a way to stop him from his path of destruction after he's awakened from a deep sleep in the arctic.

In the first film, Gamera's lone sign of kindness is toward a young boy whom he saves from a crumbling lighthouse. As a result, he earns the boy's respect, even as everyone else looks for a way to kill Gamera. This element would be played up in later films that cast the monster as a friend of children.

Powers and Abilities

Gamera's primary weapon is his fire breath. He is also capable of flight. By tucking himself into his shell, he can literally rocket into the air or through space usjng rockets in his body. He also has an apparent psychic ability to hear children in distress, allowing him to come to their aid.

Gamera in the Movies!

Gamera has appeared in twelve movies since his debut in 1965.

Showa Series

1965 - Gamera, The Invincible

1966 - War of the Monsters

1967 - Gamera vs. Gaos

1968 - Destroy All Planets

1969 - Attack of the Monsters

1970 - Gamera vs. Monster X

1971 - Gamera vs. Zigra

1980 - Super Monster Gamera

Heisei Series

1995 - Gamera: Guardian of the Universe

1996 - Gamera 2: Advent of Legion

1999 - Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris

Millennium Series

2006 - Gamera The Brave


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